Follow the mystery box iPhone 11 Pro Max, this buyer’s fate ends

Mystery Box iPhone 11 Pro max. (Twtter / @ txtdarionlshop) – As one of the internet users who follow the mystery box in e-commerce, the program is usually for some people who want to try their luck.

Because the package sent by the seller is sent to the buyer at random. Buyers transfer an amount of money that is usually cheaper than the main prize of the Mystery Box.

This time around, a mystery box buyer followed iPhone 11 Pro Max, buying for 1 million rupees in hopes of getting the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which sold for the cheapest 15 million.

But luck seems to be on the buyer’s side, instead of the iPhone 11 Pro Max coming, but an ordinary mobile phone that can only be used for texting and phone calls.

Mystery Box iPhone 11 Pro max. (Twtter / @ txtdarionlshop)

This tiny green and white cell phone was then displayed in the store’s rating column by the buyer. He even wrote down when he was unlucky and gave four stars.

This unfortunate fate was then uploaded to the @ txtdarionlshop account on Twitter and received various comments from internet users.

“ He’s ready to pay a million for the phone? And how could the rating “WKAKKAA BELOM LUCKY”? HOW CAN YOU BE WITH THIS PATIENT? «» Wrote an internet user on Twitter.

” If 100,000 are still okay … But that’s Rp. 1 million min! When it was me, I would have cried, ”wrote one Internet user.

“Wow, 1 million are now getting a steady guide that the expensive one might get a guide,” commented another Internet user on Twitter.

“He bought it, I regret it,” wrote another internet user.

“Woy is actually burned, why not pay in installments instead of buying a mystery box,” commented another internet user.

This iPhone 11 Pro Max Mystery Box upload went viral on Twitter and received more than 19,000 likes.