Former JKT48 member marries fans, internet users: come on, wota, you can

Fans are married to JKT48 members. (Twitter / Steve accuracy) – The Twitter upload of a man who claims to be a JKT48 fan recently rattled social media. From where? This man who is a wota managed to marry one of the JKT48 members who became his idol.

It is a man with the @ stevesakurasi account who won the heart of a former JKT48 leader named Andela Yuwono. The love story of the two was uploaded by this man on Tuesday (October 13th, 2020) in a viral tweet on Twitter.

Along with this tweet, the man uploaded a photo of himself and Andela Yuwono when he was still in the JKT48 girls group. As a fan of JKT48 and a wota at it, this man joined the meeting and was great with the members.

During his meeting with Andela Yuwono, this man looked each other in the eye. Who would have thought that this man could later marry a JKT48 member who was his idol?

During the second photo upload with a pure white theme, this JKT48 fan is sitting in the aisle with Andela Yuwono, who is now his wife.

Fans are married to JKT48 members. (Twitter / Steve accuracy)

After this upload went viral on Twitter, various comments were posted by internet users. Some internet users claim to be jealous of this man’s happiness after successfully marrying a JKT48 member.

“Come on, Wota, you can,” replied the internet users with the @ mikirogan account.

For what purpose can fans marry members? I also want to comment on the Instagram account owner @petriklagi.

“Can I follow in your footsteps too, brother?” Said the internet user who owns the @rurjaf account.

Fans are married to JKT48 members. (Twitter / Steve accuracy)

“This is an example. Serenity means we still have hope, HAHAHA,” wrote the Instagram account owner @ciwookie.

Viral on Twitter, uploads from fans married to former JKT48 members have received more than 6,000 retweets and thousands of responses from internet users.