Good Doctor Launches Free Mental Health Telecommunications Service

Good Doctor and AXA Financial Indonesia have launched a free mental health telecommunications service – Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor) and AXA Financial Indonesia have launched a free AXA Mental Health Teleconsultation program to commemorate AXA Financial Indonesia policyholders
Mental health in the world. The launch of this service is intended to help find solutions to mental health problems in Indonesia that are becoming increasingly important in the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this program, Good Doctor and AXA Financial Indonesia encourage everyone to receive professional help and mental health exams
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The COVID-19 pandemic is creating uncertainty that is affecting mental health problems that continue to grow. However, this condition is often overlooked or ignored. Recently, the Association of Indonesian Mental Medicine Specialists (PDSKJI) 1 carried out a psychological self-assessment in which 4,010 respondents from around the world took part.

The survey results showed that 65% of respondents were afraid, 62% had depression, and 80% had symptoms of psychological trauma caused by unpleasant experiences related to the pandemic. PDSKJI also stated that people who conduct psychological consultations often receive negative stigma.
This makes them uncomfortable with checking their mental health, although there are many types of mental disorders ranging from depression, anxiety disorders, to mild and chronic mental disorders

Regarding the availability of psychologists, the Indonesian Association of Clinical Psychologists (GPA) 3 stated that the number of clinical psychologists in Indonesia is currently only 2,782. In terms of distribution, it is still concentrated in large cities, with nearly 70% concentrated in Java Island and up to 20% in Jakarta. With that number, it means that there is only 1 psychologist for 90,000 people in Indonesia, although the standard set by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 1 psychologist who cares for 30,000 people.

Good Doctor and AXA Financial Indonesia have launched a free mental health telecommunications service

This uneven prevalence is also a factor in the relatively high cost of consulting psychologists.
Danu Wicaksana, Managing Director of Good Doctor Technology Indonesia, said: “The drastic changes in society caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an increase in mental health problems. This comes from the number of consultations with psychologists in our application, which increased 7-fold compared to April or early pandemic. We believe that technology will allow us to reach more people in need of mental health professionals simply via smartphones. Through our strategic partnership with insurer AXA Financial Indonesia For example, Good Doctor’s Telemedicine Service in GrabHealth can be a “safe place” for those in need of psychological counseling, as our counseling services are available 24/7 and can connect users and clinical psychologist partners directly. Private -Services play a strategic role in combat ng that stigma with easy access so that people who need help are no longer afraid or hesitant to get professional help right away.

“Given the needs and limitations of customers during this pandemic, AXA Financial Indonesia is committed to continuing to promote the mental health and wellbeing of customers. To this end, we are working closely with Good Doctor, a leading teleconsultation company, to provide solutions that Provide convenience, security and access.
through a professional digital platform with credibility and quality, ”said Niharika Yadav, President Director of AXA Financial Indonesia.

In that partnership, Good Doctor has been named as the telemedicine provider to answer mental health questions for millions of AXA Financial Indonesia insurance users. This includes unlimited consultations with general practitioners and 3 consultations with psychologists within 3 months for free or free. Advisory services can be accessed via
Access the application by clicking on the Health or Health feature to direct the user to the Good Doctor service. Before the consultation, AXA Financial Indonesia policyholders must first validate their account with the GrabHealth Good Doctor service via the menu options “Receive insurance benefits” or “Get insurance benefits” on the main page. Users can select AXA in the Insurance & Corporate or Insurance and Companies section and then enter the insurance number and personal details for account validation. In addition, after completing the account verification, the user can select “Browse Our Doctors” and select the “Priority Doctor” menu to consult a general practitioner or select the “AXA Mental Health” menu to consult a clinical psychologist.