Little brother reveals brother’s YouTube story that shocked him crying netizens

YouTuber illustration. (Unsplash / NordWood Themes) – A younger brother’s TikTok video that revealed the contents of his brother’s YouTube story recently went viral on Instagram. To my surprise, the content of this YouTube story caught internet users’ attention immediately after it was uploaded.

The upload of the brother’s YouTube story, revealed by the younger brother, went viral on Instagram after the @ account was uploaded on Wednesday (10/14/2020).

“Revenge for an older brother,” wrote the title in this upload from @

While uploading, this younger brother said he had just accidentally opened his brother’s YouTube. He was then surprised to read his brother’s YouTube story.

From the YouTube story, it emerges that the older brother is looking for PUBG Mobile music videos and games. In addition, the brother is looking for unique tutorials to respond to his younger brother.

Story youtube brother. (instagram /

Some of the things the older siblings are looking for are how to love your younger siblings, how to throw your siblings away, how to hug your younger siblings, and how to make up with your younger siblings.

I don’t know why the brother decided to look for some of these tutorials on YouTube, but after the upload of this YouTube story on Instagram went viral, various comments were made by internet users.

“A dirty part of getting rid of younger siblings so parents don’t find out,” replied the netizens with the @ account.

“It’s really fun when it comes to hugging your sister, that’s so cute,” commented the account owner @ kimyugiii.

“Crying,” said Internet users with the @ melannsf account.

Viral on Instagram, uploads of your brother’s YouTube story that surprised your younger brother have been viewed more than 14,000 times and have collected various comments from internet users in a short period of time.