My friend decided to take part in the demo. This girl is actually reaping blasphemy from internet users

Illustration of separation. (Pixabay) – Viral, a video showing a girl who was cut off from her boyfriend while participating in a demo rejecting the Omnibus Act. Instead of getting sympathy for the internet users, this girl actually reaps the scorn of the internet users.

The video posted on the TikTok @ noviarekareka account tells how the lover unilaterally cut off the relationship between the girl participating in the demo.

In the video, the Instagram account @ smart.gram is released again. The video shows a screenshot of an electronic message between the video owner and his girlfriend. Visibly, his lover continued to write and called the girl, but was not picked up.

His lover also asked Novia to come home soon. However, this girl replied only briefly, asking her lover not to be loud.

Eventually, his girlfriend decided to cut ties with Novia because she felt that Novia could no longer be managed.

Video of a girl who broke up with her boyfriend because of a demo. – (Instagram/@smart.gram)

Aside from some conversations with her ex-boyfriend, this girl also shared photos while attending the demo with her colleagues. He wears a green alma mater jacket and poses with male and female colleagues.

At the end of the viral video on social media, Novia also wrote that it was okay for her boyfriend to break up with her because she had the same thought with him.

Allegedly, this girl also met the man of her choice during the demo. From the laughing emojis used, it seemed to show that this girl really didn’t care if her boyfriend left her.

Since it was uploaded on Wednesday (October 14th, 2020), this video has been liked almost 8,000 times by internet users.

There are hundreds of comments on the viral video on social media, some of which actually ridicule this girl’s actions.

Video of a girl who broke up with her boyfriend because of a demo. – (Instagram/@smart.gram)

Some thought this girl was only participating in a demonstration to meet the content requirements on their social media.

Check out this girl’s story HERE.

“Ma’am, a demo for looking for a new one?” The @ hayumutualan account wrote.

“The guys are right. They are still together, it’s really arranged, I don’t want to be a singing”, commented the account @ evibeychind90.

“Hahah, the demo is still taking photos like that, even the photos are back with the boys. Just for fun at best. If the demo is true, stick with it, you don’t have to be so stylish, the other students, do you? A lot of the demos concentrate on what should be demonized. Not even cool photos. No wonder his girlfriend is lazy, he can’t be invited to be kind.

In the meantime, the @ dwi_anugrahwp account said: “The demo is not expressing any aspirations, it is better to attend the cooking demonstration, mba.”

This is a viral video on social media, the girl’s confession that her boyfriend broke off during a demo. Instead of gaining the sympathy of internet users, it actually reaps blasphemy. ( Mutiara Rizka Maulina).