Netizens: How sad to sell one shop after the other in the online shop

Selling fabric shop. (Twitter / @ txtdarionlshop) – It is not uncommon for weird and even unique items to be sold in online stores or e-commerce. You can find unique items that you need including buying fabrics.

An account @txtdarionlshop uploaded a unique item that sold on e-commerce and went viral on Twitter.

If a store usually sells multiple variations of its goods in e-commerce, this one store is different.

This is because this cloth shop not only sells the fabrics it sells, but also the fabrics in a shop that can be bought for IDR 100,000,000.

Selling fabric shop. (Twitter / @ txtdarionlshop)

Too deliberately this shopkeeper even showed a shop full of fabrics with different motifs and variants.

In the description of the shop in e-commerce, the seller wrote “Please buy fabric 1 shop”, which he wrote in the product description.

This post, selling stuff from a store, went viral and received various comments from internet users on Twitter.

“The ones who sell are really cool,” wrote one internet user on Twitter.

“The seller is frustrated selling,” wrote a comment from internet users on Twitter.

“But it’s really sad that the market is calm, the old fabric doesn’t sell, so it’s easy to damage the fibers,” commented another internet user.

“ It’s really sad to see that, I think it’s in my brother’s country. Also, there is this demonstration that makes you even more afraid to go there, ā€¯commented another internet user.

“If you are lazy to sell the device, be like wow,” wrote another internet user.

Uploads from ecommerce sellers selling fabrics for a shop then went viral and garnered more than 6,000 likes.