Really subscription, 5 most used hero fighters in MPL Season 6

RRQ Albertt with his Roger hero. (Instagram / – The regular round of the sixth MPL Indonesia season has ended. Looking back on that event, here are the 5 most commonly used battle heroes in the regular round of the sixth MPL Indonesia season.

Usually the hero fighter is used by offlaners to defend any lead that is theirs. Now, however, many Offlaners have decided to use the magician as a support in Sidelane.

Finally, Antimage from ONIC relies on Pharsa, a magician who secures the left and right side of the lane of the yellow hedgehog team. Usually Antimage is known to be reliable with Uranus, Thamuz or Xborg as Offane heroes.

The MPL Indonesia official website lists the 5 most used battle heroes in Season 6 of MPL Indonesia before entering the play-off round. What do you prefer to rely on?

1. Chou

Chou, Hero Mobile Legends. (Moonton)

First up is Chou, who’s pretty OP this season. One of Antimage’s main heroes was used 69 times in each match. In addition to being on the premises, Chou is often used as a tank.

2. Khaleed

Khaleed, the new hero of Mobile Legends. (

Khaleed is one of the heroes with deadly abilities. Of course, this hero is a subscription to MPL Indonesia Season 6. Khaleed has been used 69 times. As with Chou, Khaleed was also used as a tank by Rasy ONIC.

3. Thamuz

Thamuz Mobile Legends. (HiTekno)

Thamuz, who is the mainstay of Antimage ONIC, follows in third place. In the sixth season of MPL Indonesia, Thamuz was used 67 times. There is no reason to doubt the Thamuz fire on the street.

4. Hilda

Hero Hilda. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Next up is Hilda with 51 picks. This fat hero is known to be pretty sick and barbaric on the streets. During that season, Hilda became one of the favorite heroes for the professional players on each team.

5. Roger

Hero Roger Mobile Legends. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Roger is used 50 times and is not on the sidelines. Roger actually became the mainstay of the Cores in Season 6 of MPL Indonesia. This fat hero with quick jungle skills became the spearhead in multiple games.

As a subscriber to the sixth season of MPL Indonesia, these 5 battle heroes can certainly be used very reliably in the new meta of Mobile Legends. Which hero do you like to use?