Snapchat Introduces Sounds Features, Exclusive Preview from Justin Bieber

New Snapchat features. (Snapchat) – Snapchat released a new feature, Sounds, including exclusive previews by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco of their new song “Lonely” before it was released.

Sounds on Snapchat

IOS users worldwide Snapchatters can add music to their Snaps (before or after they snap) from a wide, curated catalog of music from emerging and renowned artists. Music can make video creation and communication more expressive, and provides other personal ways to recommend music to your closest friends.

When you get a Snap with Sound, you can swipe up to see the album, song title, and artist name. The “Play this track” link allows you to listen to the entire track on your favorite streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud.

New Snapchat features. (Snapchat)

In addition to music, we also tested Snapchatters’ ability to create their own sounds and add them to Snaps. It will be rolled out worldwide in the coming months.

Justin Bieber Exclusives

Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco’s new song “Lonely” will be available exclusively on Snapchat’s Recommended Sounds list today. Snapchatters can take artistic snaps of their new song, share it with their friends, and even save a link to download the song when it’s available on their preferred streaming platform.