The appearance of a cat at a wedding makes Salfok, Netizen: Sassy, ​​Bun

Cat at a wedding. (instagram / – A cat portrait at a wedding recently caused internet users to focus incorrectly. Not only the internet users, but also the newly married couple were embarrassed to see the action of a couple of cats in this corridor.

Uploading cats to this wedding went viral on Instagram after the @ account was uploaded on Tuesday (10/13/2020).

“I wish you a happy marriage,” @ wrote in the upload heading.

The wedding celebration of the bride and groom appears from the upload. Decorated with white trimmings, the bride and groom look happy sitting in the aisle.

However, it wasn’t the couple who stole the show. Instead, internet users have to focus incorrectly on a couple of cats making love in front of the happy couple.

Cat at a wedding. (instagram /

Caught in front of the camera during the hug, many say this pair of cats mate. The bride and groom just had to laugh at the action of the two cats in front of her.

The furious act of this couple of cats immediately became a conversation piece among internet users after this upload went viral on Instagram. Various comments were then left in the response column for the upload.

“Help getting started,” replied the Internet user who owns the @kegoblogangarislucu account.

“Example for the first night,” commented the Instagram account @ al.apiss.

“The cat is cheeky, buns,” said the Internet users with the Instagram account @rizata_.

“Astagfirullah, you are a sinner,” wrote the owner of the Instagram account @ ningdiani29_.

Viral uploads about cats at weddings that create this misfocus have garnered more than 400,000 likes and thousands of comments from internet users after uploading.