Consumers are safer and more comfortable with a Gojek with the latest J3K innovations

GoRide driver protection tool. (Gojek) – Gojek Transportation Services, the leading super app in Southeast Asia, are now safer and more convenient for people who need to travel during the pandemic with the latest innovations under the J3K (Keep Health, Cleanliness and Security) initiative .

These new features are the Combo Shield function, the J3K log function, the Selfie Verification Mask function and the geofencing function. This innovation is also a form of strengthening Gojek’s position as a digital transport company with the most comprehensive upstream and downstream health protocols for transport services.

Nila Marita as Chief of Corporate Affairs at Gojek said: “At the moment, cleanliness and safety are part of people’s lifestyles, including when traveling. Since the beginning of the pandemic, as part of the J3K initiative at Gojek, we have quickly made various adjustments to each of our services at no additional cost, in which hygiene, health and safety aspects have priority. Given that the pandemic situation is so dynamic, we continue to adapt and introduce new innovations based on both non-technology and technology to continue to work together to maintain cleanliness and health. We do this in order to meet the needs and at the same time to offer the ride partners and passengers a feeling of security during the journey. “

One of the latest innovations is non-technological and aims to provide an extra layer of security to protect the health of driver partners and users while driving:

GoRide driver protection tool. (Gojek)

GoRide driver protection tool functions in 16 capital cities

The GoRide Driver Protection Tool feature consists of a protective barrier, which is a barrier between driver partners and customers, and the J3K Shield, an additional face protection that can be attached to the helmet glass of the driver partner and reduces the risk of spreading the virus. GoRide driver partners receive one of these facilities on site as required. The Drivier Protective Equipment Facility has been distributed to more than 36,000 GoRide partners and will be gradually continued. Gojek had previously installed more than 40,000 protective insulation in the GoCar service. With GoRide in particular, the protective vault is aerodynamically designed so that it cannot withstand the wind while the engine is running, and it is easy to operate with adjustable belts according to the requirements of the driver partner.

Other new innovations are technologies that have been implemented en masse and whose benefits are immediately noticeable to millions of Gojek users and driver partners:

The function “Security obligation for the J3K protocol” in the customer application when ordering GoRide, GoCar or GoBluebird services to ensure mutual security. This feature requires customers to press a button stating that they are required to use a mask, avoid traveling in an unhealthy state, wash their hands before and after getting into a vehicle, and make cashless payments. The driver partner has the right to cancel the order if the customer does not follow the approved health protocol. This function provides drivers and future customers with security when traveling with Gojek.

The checklist for the J3K protocol and the selfie function for mask checking in the driver partner application are mandatory requirements for every operation. The J3K protocol checklist feature requires partners to state that they are in good health, wash their hands regularly, have disinfected vehicles, keep their distance while waiting for orders, and are using masks. The driver partner is then required to take a mask checkup photo by taking a selfie to ensure that they are using a mask correctly and in accordance with health protocols.

Geofencing feature that helps driver partners maintain a safe distance (physical distance) and prevent crowds from supporting Large Social Restrictions (PSBB) in DKI Jakarta. This function detects and warns if there is a crowd between the driver partners while waiting for passengers. For reasons of mutual health, Gojek will impose sanctions if there is a violation of the rules for maintaining a safety distance.

Gojek Shield innovation technology. (Gojek)

Gojek’s range of J3K innovations has a proven record of helping consumers adapt during the pandemic so that they can continue to rely on Gojek in their activities. Recent research by the Demographic Institute of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Indonesia (LD FEB UI) found that the majority of consumers (93%) consider the safety of Gojek’s services to be better than industry standards.

In addition to the innovations above, Gojek, in collaboration with Wardah, Antis and Godrej, is also presenting helmet racks, hand washing stations and hand sanitizer dispensers, as well as tens of thousands of hand sanitizer at dozen of J3K NyAman Zone points available in strategic locations. , including train stations and shopping malls.

In a recent poll by Blackbox, a credible Singapore-based survey institute, along with Toluna, titled “Into the Light: Understanding What Changed for Consumers During Covid 19,” found 8 out of 10 respondents in Indonesia were interviewed (91%) chose Gojek because it was seen as the most helpful to consumers, provided solutions to consumer needs, and proactively took positive initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Gojek’s latest innovations add to the range of J3K innovations unveiled since the pandemic began, including the operation of the J3K Safe Post service for driver partners to check body temperature, disinfect vehicles, and free health packages (masks and hand sanitizer) to obtain. View temperature information and disinfection status of the driver partner in the customer application