Defeat Genflix Aerowolf, the Bigetron Key to the MPL Season 6 of the top bracket

BTR versus Genflix Aerowolf. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia) – Bigetron Alpha versus Genflix Aerowolf, which takes place today (November 20th, 2020), is a play-in match towards the upper bracket. The robot threw the wolf in such a way that they blocked a place in the play-off MPL Indonesia season 6 of the top bracket.

Genflix Aerowolf became helpless after losing 2 to 0 to Bigetron Alpha.

BTR’s line-up of players and heroes includes Kyy (Selena), DreamS (Tigreal), Matt (Thamuz), Renbo (Roger) and Wanwan (Branz).

The composition of the roster and the heroes of Genflix Aerowolf are Watt (Esmeralda), Rinazmi (Yu Zhong), Marz (Harith), Clay (Lunox) and Fredo (Hilda). The early game in the first game was pretty tough for both teams.

In the 6th minute the score for Kill is still 3 against 2 to the advantage of BTR. The robot gained momentum as it stepped in the 10th minute the combination of DreamS and Kyy made a 4-kills donation for Bigetron.

BTR versus Genflix Aerowolf. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Genflix Aerowolf was rendered helpless after Bigetron refused to allow them to destroy just one tower.

In the 15th minute, Aerowolf only has 1 revolver inhibitor left. BTR Renbo and Branz get more violent, so the late game score increases to 14v5.

After Lord was conquered, the war on Inhibtor’s side that resulted in a triple kill for BTR Renbo turned into Aerowolf’s nightmare. They had to give up BTR in the 16th minute with a score of 5 against 17 kill.

The first game Bigetron Alpha against Genflix Aerowolf was won by the robot with a score of 17 against 5. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

In the second game, Genflix Aerowol’s resistance was better than in the first game. In the 10th minute, the kill score is still 6 against 5, to the advantage of BTR.

BTR Matt with his hero Yu Zhong played well and messed up the Genflix Aerowolf formation. The stealing from Lord in the 14th minute became an impulse for BTR to keep suppressing the wolf.

The second game Bigetron Alpha versus Genflix Aerowolf was won by the robot with a score of 18 versus 9. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

The war on the center page that overthrew four aero wolf heroes brought fresh air to BTR.

The robot secured the second game win with a result of kill 18 against 9 in the 15th minute. Because of this result, Bigetron Alpha has a place in the upper bracket for the play-off of the sixth season of MPL Indonesia and will play against Alter Ego on Saturday (October 16, 2020).