Genshin Impact OST Available on Spotify, accompany you outside of the game

The city of Moon City in Genshin Impact. (miHoYo) – Genshin Impact doesn’t just offer beautiful graphics, an open world and intense action. But also the original soundtrak that supports every situation in this free game.

Like other elements in the game, miHoYo as a developer takes the work on the Genshin Impact OST seriously. It’s even produced with a great orchestra.

The interesting news is that you can now enjoy the music of this open world action role-playing game via the music streaming services Spotify and Apple Music as a relief.

Via its official social media account, miHoYo announced the presence of the Genshin Impact OST on these two well-known streaming music services.

Unfortunately, not all of the music in this free game can be enjoyed. You can only listen to it from the Moon City chapter.

The City of Winds and Idylls album lets you listen to music that is usually found in games in the Lunar City and surrounding areas.

With that, you don’t have to take part in this open-world action RPG to enjoy the splendor of the Genshin Impact OST orchestra – City of Winds and Idylls.

OST Genshin Impact – city of winds and idylls. (miHoYo)

Previously, some of the songs in this album were released on YouTube. You can also enjoy it with an illustration of the city of Moon City from the top of the cliff.

It is possible that miHoYo will later bring other music in its free game to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Perhaps like in the Liyue region, in whose music production the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra is involved with a number of local musicians with traditional Chinese musical instruments.

In contrast to the lunar city area, which is more nuanced by a medieval castle, Liyue takes up the Asian city concept, which is shaped by traditional China.

We’ll wait to see if miHoYo presents Spotify and Apple Music like the Genshin Impact OST for the Mondstadt area as streaming.

But at least you can enjoy the City of Winds and Idylls album first through this link.

This is the latest news from miHoYo as Spotify and Apple Music are officially introducing the Genshin Impact OST. You can hear it to accompany your daily life.