Google Hangouts is shutting down. What is the fate of the users?

Google Hangouts. (Google) – Google Hangouts, which was initially popular, is closing, including its application. Then what is the fate of the users, is there an alternative service?

This American tech giant created Google Chat to replace Hangout. Google itself helps Hangout users by moving all conversations, contacts and previously saved history data to chats.

The move is in line with a plan Google originally created in 2019 when Hangout support for G Suite customers was discontinued and there was an indication that support for individual users would follow in 2020.

Google Chat has several advantages over Hangouts. While in chat, users can send messages to their inbox, as well as use emoji responses and suggested replies.

“From the first half of 2021 anyone can start upgrading from Hangout to Chat. To ensure a smooth transition, we will help migrate users’ Hangout conversations automatically along with saved contacts and history,” Google wrote in a blog post quoted by CNET on Friday. (16.10.2020).

Google added that the company will release further guidance when the transition begins on a date yet to be determined.

In addition, Google plans to end Fi support in Google Hangouts early next year. The company recommends that Fi users switch to the Messages app for text and voice calls in the future.

Google Hangouts. [Shutterstock]

“Fi users can make voice calls and get voicemail from messages for the web, manage message conversations across devices, and migrate their existing Hangouts conversations. Starting this month we’re providing guidance on the changes and forwarding Hangouts users. Fi to Messages or the standard text messaging app on their phone, “added Google.

Google also plans to remove Google Voice support in Hangouts in early 2021. Hangout users also lose the ability to call regular phone numbers. This feature has been discontinued due to changes in telecommunications regulations in the European Union and the United States of America.

“From 2021, new telecommunications regulations will be introduced in the European Union and the USA,” said Google.

In October, Google will show users in-product notifications. At the beginning of 2021, Google will completely remove the functions.

This change came at a time when video conferencing services were growing rapidly in an effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). In April, the video conferencing software Google Meet had 2 million users a day and in March it recorded 2 billion minutes of video calls.

This is the latest news about the Google Hangouts closure that will later be broadcast to Google Chat. ( Lintang Siltya Utami).