Note: This is the new update for the game “Among Us” in October 2020

Between us. (Innersloth) – The popularity of Among Us need not be questioned. As one of the most popular games in a short time, Innersloth, as a game developer, released a new update for Among Us in October 2020.

The new update for the game Among Us aims to make the gameplay more interesting and less monotonous. After the announcement, this news was welcomed immediately.

Quoting The Gamer, Innersloth released a number of new features that are still very limited and can only be found by a few random gamers. When the patch notes update is released, all players will be able to feel it.

In addition, Innersloth stated that the new update for the Among Us game is still in beta. Later, this update will allow players to vote anonymously via Impostor.

Aside from that, players can also customize the in-game system tray. Later this display can be set to always or only during meetings, or not to appear at all.

Between us game. (Youtube / Pewdiepie)

The lack of a taskbar makes it even more difficult for Crewmate to get the job done. Additionally, this update makes it easier for the scammers to lie about the remaining tasks that need to be done.

In particular, this new update also provides support for color-blind players when performing color-matching cable tasks.

Before that, the news of the arrival of Among Us 2 was indeed gone. However, Innersloth decided to provide an update instead of having to showcase a new series of this game.

The new game update “Among Us” is currently still available in beta for the PC. Between us, players on Android and iOS will have to be patient until this new game update is officially released.