ONIC Beat EVOS, Royal Derby waiting for the play-offs

ONIC against EVOS in the play-offs. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Hitekno.com – ONIC vs EVOS is the opening game of the 6th season of MPL Indonesia. The winner of this game will fight RRQ Hoshi in the top bracket.

For information, EVOS Legends does not seem to be optimal and is sixth in the regular season.

They even lost twice to ONIC in the regular round, with a pretty bad result of 2 against 0. Like revenge, EVOS actually appeared as Trengginas in the first game.

The line-up of EVOS Legends players and heroes in the first game includes Rekt (Yu Zhong), Wannn (Harith), Bajan (Hilda), Pendragon (West) and Rexxy (Selena).

ONIC Esports’ list and heroes are Drian (Jawhead), Sanz (Yi Sun-Shin), CW (Pharsa), Butsss (X.Borg) and Antimage (Thamuz).

The first game of the ONIC playoffs against EVOS was won by EVOS with a score of 3 against 16. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Ever since the early game, EVOS Legends has managed to push ONIC from all directions. In the 7th minute the result is kill 1 vs 5 to the advantage of the White Tigers. EVOS Wannn with his Harith hero seemed insane by contributing 2 kills and 2 assists.

After EVOS captured Legends Lord in the 11th minute, he managed to destroy ONIC’s revolver inhibitor on top. The war near Lord then turned into the Yellow Hedgehog’s nightmare.

The combination and neat finish of Wannn and Rexxy helped the EVOS team to beat four ONIC heroes at the same time.

ONIC’s second game against EVOS play-off was won by ONIC with a score of 21 against 9. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

The attack on the base left a hero and ended ONIC’s resistance. In the first game in the 16th minute they surrendered with a result of Kill 3 against 17 against the White Tiger.

In response to the defeat in the first game, the yellow hedgehog immediately appeared violent in the second game. The second game ran fast enough in less than 15 minutes.

Kill 7v3 score for ONIC’s advantage when you are in the middle of the game. ONIC Sanz seemed crazy about Kill’s many posts.

ONIC vs EVOS won the third game with a score of 16 vs 12. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Triple kill on top of Sanz made EVOS abandon the second game with a score of 9v21 to the advantage of ONIC.

In the third game, EVOS included Revicii as a replacement for Pendragon. In contrast to the previous game, the third game was very intense. EVOS Revicii grabbed Maniac in the 10th minute while ONIC got Sanz Maniac in the 19th minute.

After leveling all of the EVOS heroes on the lower side, ONIC’s compact attack was completed in the 19th minute with a score of 16 against 12. That win led ONIC to enter the sixth division play-off MPL Indonesia against RRQ Hoshi Royal Derby.