Reported falling, Twitter says no hacking

Twitter illustration. (Pixabay / in circulation) – Twitter social media reportedly experienced a disruption this morning, Friday (October 16, 2020). Some users have reported problems sending tweets and updating the timeline.

The social media fall on Twitter returned to normal after a while. The users were now able to tweet some tweets.

This was then answered by Twitter and there were no indications of violations or security hacks.

“We have no evidence of a breach or a security hack and are investigating internal causes,” a Twitter spokesman said in a statement.

Twitter illustration. (Unsplash / Sara KurfeƟ)

Twitter also uploaded a tweet to its official account via @TwitterSupport to keep this social media from collapsing.

Twitter’s last major outage was in February 2020, so users can still avoid the outage by scheduling their tweets.

However, as far as you know, this is not a viable solution during a power outage.

Power outages have occurred in the US and UK, although users can send DMs via Twitter during power outages.

The Twitter website initially stated that everything was operational, and Twitter was investigating issues with the Twitter social media crash.