Rethink, only those who are good at math can use this WiFi

WLAN password. (Twitter) – “Nothing is free in this world”, this phrase seems to be true. The reason for this is that if we want to get anything we have to try the same as this WiFi password.

All you need to access WiFi is a password, but it looks like this WiFi is giving you guesses that can lead to rethinking.

Like not, usually WiFi passwords are simply created so that many people can remember and use them.

However, this does not apply to the WiFi password in the Sunang traffic light IAIN Jember Mosque, which requires mathematical calculations.

WLAN password. (Twitter)

Consists of an integral math problem that needs to be solved. The answer to this question is the WiFi password.

To get it, that WiFi user needs to get the answer and write it in alphabetical order.

This unique WiFi password rule was uploaded to the @ recehtapisayng account on Twitter and received various comments from internet users.

“What should be the password for the mosque, how many verses of the Koran and how many chapters,” wrote an Internet user on Twitter.

“So I want to cry,” wrote one Internet user.

“I only help what is essential, I cannot find the logs,” wrote one internet user on Twitter.

“Not all physics-chemistry bosses,” commented another internet user.

“My brain is insecure,” wrote another internet user.

The WiFi password upload that caused this rethinking went viral and garnered more than 8,000 likes.