See caterpillars that are cooked this way, netizens love different tastes

This way of cooking caterpillars makes internet users salfok. (TikTok / @ deckulick10) – Each region is unique with its own culinary delights. A girl who shared a video about this caterpillar cooking managed to turn internet users into Salfok.

A TikTok account called @ deckulick10 responded to internet user responses with a video of sago worms being cooked.

The shared video post successfully went viral after receiving more than 3.8 million views and 130,000 likes. The video post that grabbed attention was even shared more than 4,200 times.

Initially, this beautiful girl shared a post when she consumed a snack in the form of a caterpillar and gave testimony of its delicious taste. Many internet users are curious and get goose bumps when they eat it.

The @ deckulick10 account then explained to Internet users how to cook and how the caterpillars “sway” when frying in a pan.

This way of cooking caterpillars makes internet users salfok. (TikTok / @ deckulick10)

Quoted from Wikipedia, the people of Papua, especially in coastal areas, have one of their favorite foods in the form of sago worms. Several tribes in Maluku, NTB, and Papua use sago worms as a source of protein and even as a powerful medicine.

“This is called a sago worm, it has to be boiled if it is still alive. Because when it dies, it smells, in fact it is eaten alive in Papua,” wrote the title in the video.

The viral video uploaded by the girl provoked various opinions from Internet users. Some claim to have goosebumps, not a few claim to have tried and enjoyed its delicacy.

This woman explained how to cook sago worms. (TikTok / @ deckulick10)

“I got goose bumps, the hair on my neck grew right down to my feet (crying emoticon),” @zadasm wrote.

“I really have a phobia of caterpillars especially when I see this (sad emoticon)” replied @ Berlian054.

But there are also internet users who claim that sago worms have a very tasty taste.

This anti-mainstream cuisine delights internet users. (TikTok / @ deckulick10)

“Uh, it’s delicious when it’s not good to eat raw. But when it’s fried like a fried grasshopper, I’ve tried really well,” @ricoanjanoravelio said.

“It tastes delicious, it’s delicious sago worms (smiley emoticon),” said @ m_you94.

“Different areas, different cultures, yes people,” @ZaskiaRatipah replied.

To see a viral video about the caterpillar cooking process, you can visit this link.