Send ONIC to Lower Bracket MPL Season 6, RRQ continue positive trend

RRQ Hoshi. (Instagram / – A classic game featured in the top brackets at the Royal Derby between RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esport in the season six play-offs of MPL Indonesia.

Although the Yellow Landak had previously got EVOS Legends to lift the suitcase from season six of MPL Indonesia, the King seems too strong to be knocked down.

RRQ Hoshi’s line-up of heroes and players in the first game includes R7 (Ruby), Vynnn (Jawhead), Alberttt (Yi Sun-Shin), Lemon (Eudora) and Xinnn (Barats).

The composition of the heroes and players of ONIC Esports are Butsss (Esmeralda), Drian (Selena), Sanz (Harith), Antimage (Thamuz) and CW (Natalia).

The match between RRQ and ONIC in the play-off offers many interesting wars. In the 6th minute, the two teams still present tough competition, so the result is kill 4 against 3, to the advantage of RRQ.

The first RRQ vs ONIC game was won by the ‘King of the Sky’ with a score of 10 vs 20. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

In the 10th minute the yellow hedgehog appeared very aggressive, so that he began to dominate and suppress the king.

The initiation of attacks by ONIC Butsss, followed by a neat finishing by ONIC Sanz (Harith) made the RRQ very problematic.

Sanz, who won Mega Kill, led ONIC Esports to 13 against 7 against RRQ in the 11th minute. Despite being attacked by Lord of ONIC in the 13th minute, RRQ actually made a comeback by paralyzing three heroes of the Yellow Hedgehog.

The war on the bottom and the loss of Xinn, who was killed by Antimage on the top, created a nightmare for RRQ.

The king, who left only two heroes at the base, could not block the attacks of the five heroes of the yellow hedgehog. ONIC Esports won the second game in the 15th minute with a score of kill 20 against 10.

RRQ vs ONIC won the second game with a score of 18 vs 11. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

In the second game, RRQ immediately changed strategy. You no longer show Xinn with a tank hero and rely on two cores to defeat the yellow hedgehog. Alberttt uses the hero Lancelot while Xinnn uses Yi Sun-Shin.

In the 14th minute, Kill’s Score fought fiercely with 13 against 11 for the advantage of the king. Although Kill’s score wasn’t much different, RRQ managed to destroy 8 towers while ONIC couldn’t destroy even 1 of the king’s tower.

The war near the blue buff and the duel on top actually made ONIC lose five of their heroes at once. RRQ Hoshi secured their second game win with a score of 18 against 11.

RRQ vs ONIC won the third game with a score of 30 vs 13. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

The third game of the Royal Derby brings impressive fights. The two teams, playing very aggressively, scored a kill 9 against 8 in the 10th minute, giving RRQ Hoshi a narrow advantage.

After RRQ captured Lord and toppled three ONIC heroes, RRQ’s attacks from the three lane directions left the King of Heaven helpless.

RRQ produced many wars and eventually won the third game with a score of 30 against 31 in the 21st minute. This result put ONIC Esports in the lower bracket, while RRQ Hoshi reached the finals of the sixth season of the upper bracket MPL Indonesia.