Splashy vocational school kids marry two girls at the same time, Netizen: Singles Crying

Wedding illustration. (Pixabay)

Hitekno.com – Internet users loved the story of the marriage between a vocational school kid and two girls. The discussion was so busy it went viral on social media.

In the photo posted, three teenagers are sitting in the hallway. One of his portraits was shared on Friday (October 16, 2020) from the Instagram account @info_tabanan.

Examine the vocational student who married the two girls with the initials AR. He is a student in class XII of SMKN 1 Gerung.

AR was quoted from Inside Lombok and married two of his girlfriends in just a week. AR’s first wife, with the initials FR, is from Bug-Bug Village in Lingsa District, while her second wife, initials MR, lives in Sekontong Tengah Village.

Both are still 16 years old and sit in the Aliyah Madrasah. Her marriage to AR took place in Cendimanik Village, Sekotong District, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

First, MR came to AR to ask for marriage because he did not accept that the man, who had been together for three years, had married another woman.

“After a week of marriage to the one in Lingsar, his second wife came back and asked for a marriage,” said Ayah AR on Thursday (October 15, 2020) to Inside Lombok.

SMK children marry two girls at the same time. (Instagram / @ info_tabanan)

AR admitted that he had never planned to marry two girls before. Besides, he only got his first wife married.

But now AR believes that his marriage to the two girls has become a fate.

“It is his fate from Allah, what can I say,” he said resignedly.

Likewise with ARs parents who can only pray for their children.

“When we are parents, we hope AR and his wife stay happy and not cause problems,” he commanded.

AR’s father is grateful because although he is married, his son wants to continue his studies.

“Fortunately, AR still wants to stay in school if we hope he can continue his education through to college,” the father hoped.

SMK children marry two girls at the same time. (Instagram / @ info_tabanan)

Warganet response

The marriage of a vocational school child marries two girls at the same time and attracts the attention of internet users. Quite a few were surprised by their second marriage and made various comments.

“What can singles do (sad emoji),” @pkuc *** said.

“Cannot be hidden, the face can be read,” @sriga *** wrote.

“Pehhhh single cry” said @dewa ***.

This is the viral story on social media: Vocational school children can marry two girls at the same time, which is in the spotlight of internet users. (SuaraBali.id/ Husna Rahmayunita).