This love story pretends to be sick to get a beautiful doctor’s wife and greetings to you

The love story of this man greeted internet users. (TikTok / @ikraangluarga) – True love is easy to find and requires a special struggle to reach it. A man who claims that he has to pretend he is sick in order to realize his dream of approaching this beautiful doctor sends his regards to internet users.

A TikTok user with an account named @ikraangluarga shared a post about his story of never giving up despite being ignored by a lovely dentist.

The shared video post successfully went viral after receiving more than 500,000 views and 36,000 likes.

His love story, judged by internet users Uwu, has been shared more than a thousand times.

Muhamad Ikra (@ikraangluarga) shared a love story when he approached a woman who is now the mother of her children.

The love story of this man greeted internet users. (TikTok / @ikraangluarga)

No kidding, although ignored for 4 months, this guy apparently has an extra fight to get his idol’s heart.

“So I really like girls, but for 4 months I never paid attention to WhatsApp. Finally, I was looking for a house that had the exercise and the exercise schedule. Because I was sure he was my soulmate. Alhamdulillah, I have him.” Found! -pura toothache. From then on we met. We began to go out together and invited people together. A few months later we were engaged, “wrote Muhamad Ikra when he told his wife about the beginning of his rapprochement.

The love story of this man greeted internet users. (TikTok / @ikraangluarga)

After fighting pretty hard, this guy eventually got married and was blessed with twins. He often shares videos of himself with his family.

The @ikraangluarga account even sends a message to singles not to give up just to pursue their idol.

This guy eventually married his favorite dentist. (TikTok / @ikraangluarga)

“Now we have cute twins. If I was ignored then and gave up, I wouldn’t be at that point now. That lives with the woman of my dreams. So for single boys, if you love girls, you have to. Never give up. I just burned my molars so I could get to know him, “@ikraangluarga said.

The viral video received various comments from internet users.

“Oh Allah, I hope one of my patients is like that and wants to sacrifice a molar for me (laughs emoticon),” commented @wdykrt.

The love story of this man greeted internet users. (TikTok / @ikraangluarga) D.

“Well this is a real example of when a man has already set his wife’s goal. Surely they are being followed as if they know the important path,” @solehot said.

“Oh, I’m happy and I am sacrificing my teeth to get a bonus for an angel. Congratulations! (Smile emoticon)” said @fiftyonefifty.

“Great brother! It’s like an FTV happy ending,” @farisgolds replied.

To see a viral video about the struggle of a man approaching a beautiful doctor, you can visit this link.