This male video editing skill shows the results and is even annoying

Editing skills. (Twitter / @ kgblgnunfaedh) – Learning video editing can now be done on any device, e.g. B. on cell phones and laptops. Same goes for this man showing off his learned video editing skills.

A 15-second video uploaded from the @kegblghunfaedh account on Twitter went viral on Twitter.

In the video, you can see a man showing off his video editing skills. He even writes that he learned editing in 2018.

In the video, he shows his skills in translating the beautiful night sky to the blue sky during the day in the video.

Editing skills. (Twitter / @ kgblgnunfaedh)

Then he threw the night sky on his cell phone into the clear day sky, but the result actually annoyed internet users.

This is because this man inserted an image of the night sky in the form of a box floating in the blue sky.

Internet users thought the beautiful sky would replace the blue sky in the video during the day, but the result was even annoying.

“Zach King will be mad when you see this,” wrote an internet user comment on Twitter.

“I dedicated myself to watching and the end was annoying,” wrote an Internet user on another Twitter.

“The changes were really cool,” commented another internet user on Twitter.

“Amazed by aesthetics,” wrote another internet user on Twitter.

“No, just throw the cell phone,” commented another Internet user.

The upload of this video editing ability went viral and received over 8,000 likes on Twitter.