Viral video of two girls fighting mouths in the street allegedly grabbing a boy

Video of two teenage girls arguing over a boy. – (Instagram / @ energisolo) – Splashy video argument between two teenage girls involved in a roadside argument. It is believed that the two were embroiled in a feud for a man’s attention.

The viral video on social media features three girls on the side of the road. One girl is sitting on an automatic motorcycle and another person is holding the vehicle.

Meanwhile, another girl wearing a jacket marked “Racing” was scolding the smaller girl. He looked emotional and used words that were considered rude by girls his age.

The girl with her hair tied up in a high voice scolded the other girl who held the rear of the vehicle. He asked if the girl was going to complain to someone called wild boar in Javanese.

There was no clear defense against the girl who had been rebuked from the start. Allegedly, the girl was dating a young man who was the lover of the girl in the jacket. However, this defense was immediately refuted.

The girl in the white shirt stated that she would actually go out with her colleague who was on the motorcycle.

Not accepting for this reason, the girl who wore a racing jacket continued to blame the girl who invited her boyfriend to meet him.

Video of two teenage girls arguing over a boy. – (Instagram / @ energisolo)

When he saw his partner scold until his opponent couldn’t move, there was a very satisfied laugh from someone who recorded the action.

In fact, the owner of the viral video on social media also admits that this is a good thing.

“Adine sopo iki? (Whose sister is that? -Red)”, wrote the account @energisolo in the statement.

The video has been shown more than 12,000 times since it was uploaded on Thursday (October 15, 2020).

There is a lot of advice from internet users in the comment column for the two fighting children.

Seen still young, the children are judged to be unsuitable to argue for the youth.

Check out the community of two teenage girls HERE.

Video of two teenage girls arguing over a boy. – (Instagram / @ energisolo)

“Nganggo swallow sandals are crazy, why are you freaking out so loud? (Wear big swallow sandals, why are you so wild?),” Wrote the account @selamitaandraunawijaya.

“Kakeyan watches TV dramas (mostly TV dramas seen),” commented the @ nurulj.iyung account.

“I want to know how to spread it, how to share the benefits. (This is how it is distributed, child, there is absolutely no benefit),” he replied to the account @ daryanti1120.

In the meantime, the @indit_drogba account said, “Wow, I don’t think Rasido is disappointed.

This is a viral video on social media in which two girls argued with each other to create a scene for internet users. Is it true that the two are fighting for each other’s attention? ( Mutiara Rizka Maulina).