Take part in NASA’s moon mission, Blue Origin Test New Shepard Rocket

Blue Moon, the concept of the Blue Origin spacecraft due to be delivered to the moon in 2024. This concept was exhibited in the USA on Thursday (September 5th, 2019) by Jeff Bezos, owner of Blue Origin and founder of Amazon. [Blue Origin]

Hitekno.com – The US space agency NASA is preparing a mission to Bula involving various private companies. Including Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, Amazon boss.

To participate in the mission, Jeff Bezos’ company has tested the necessary equipment. Including the preparation of the New Shepard missile.

Blue Origin launched its New Shepard rocket from Texas for the seventh time on Tuesday (October 13th, 2020).

The company is testing a new lunar landing technology for NASA that could help send astronauts back to the moon in 2024.

The test flight reached a peak altitude of 106 km and lasted 10 minutes. The engine lands vertically at the launch site with a capsule that carries out scientific experiments.

On board are NASA navigation equipment, including sensors and computers that will be reused in future missions.

The payload is called a splice, which stands for Safe and Precise Landing – Integrated Capabilities Evolution. By using a camera to obtain real-time information about its surroundings, the computer can perform “relative terrain navigation”.

Blue origin [Blue Origin].

This data is compared to maps on a computer system so that we can better understand the environment and land more safely.

In time, the New Shepard rocket will fly 12 payloads to the edge of space, including equipment such as a demonstration landing sensor used as part of NASA’s Artemis mission.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine tweeted his congratulations after the test started. He said the space agency needed the ability to land in a specific location on the moon.

Under the direction of Amazon founders, Blue Origin led a corporate team to develop a lunar lander for astronauts. Elon Musk’s SpaceX has joined the land work as well as Dynetics.

NASA reported from The Independent on Saturday (October 17th, 2020) and selected these three companies for the Artemis mission in the initial phase of the moon landing program.

Blue Origin’s launch is the first in almost a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company said it needs to do a few more flight tests before the crew is launched.

This is Blue Origin’s attempt to test the New Shepard rocket in preparation for a mission to the moon with NASA. (Suara.com/ Lintang Siltya Utami).

Bring a gaming chipset, Infinix Note 8 series introduced

Infinix Note 8. (Infinix)

Hitekno.com – Not too many leaks before, Infinix has secretly launched two new mid-range phones. Both devices have identities such as the Infinix Note 8 and Infinix Note 8 series.

The Infinix Note 8 series offers tempting specs with the kitchen outfitted with a mid-size gaming chipset from MediaTek.

The standard device (Infinix Note 8) has a 6.95-inch IPS LCD display with HD Plus resolution (720 x 1640 pixels) with an aspect ratio of 20.5: 9 and a peak brightness of 480 nits.

This new mobile phone is powered by the MediaTek Helio G80 chipset coupled with 6 GB of RAM. In the event of storage problems, the Infinix Note 8 has 128 GB of internal storage and a microSD slot.

The device runs the Android 10 operating system, which is adapted to the company’s latest user interface, XOS 7.1. The hole on the front is used as a 16 MP selfie camera sensor and depth sensor.

Infinix Note 8 color variant (Infinix)

This new mobile phone has four rear cameras with a configuration of 64 MP (primary) + 2 MP (depth sensor) + 2 MP (macro) + AI lens.

The Infinix Note 8 quoted from Gizmochina is equipped with a 5,200 mAh battery with 18 W fast charging function via the USB-C port.

Other features include dual SIM support, 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Infinix Note 8i. (Infinix)

There are three color variants of the Infinix Note 8, namely Deepsea Luster, Iceland Fantasy and Silver Diamond.

The technical data and the design of the Infinix Note 8i almost correspond to the standard version. The difference, however, is in the camera and on the screen.

The Infinix Note 8i has a 6.78-inch IPS LCD screen with HD Plus resolution (720 x 1640 pixels) and an aspect ratio of 20.5: 9.

Infinix Note 8i color variant. (Infinix)

The device only has a front camera with an 8 MP sensor without a depth sensor like the Infinix Note 8. This new mobile phone is equipped with four rear cameras with a configuration of 48 MP (primary) + 2 MP (depth sensor) + 2 MP (macro) + AI lens equipped.

The Infinix Note 8 series is still limited to launch in Kenya and is still unknown in terms of global availability. The price of the Infinix Note 8 was also not disclosed, but the price is expected to be around $ 200, or Rs.2.9 million. The price of the Infinix Note 8i is in the official range of the standard version.

Put money aside to give prize catchers, this promotion makes greeting

People who put money aside to give presents to scavengers send greetings to internet users. (TikTok / @luthfiazhars)

Hitekno.com – Not only getting rewards but giving to people in need sometimes creates satisfaction. A young man who claims to have put money aside to give to scavengers has managed to touch internet users.

A TikTok user with an account named @luthfiazhars shared a video of him and volunteers giving something to scavengers and street kids driving by.

“Put your coffee money aside, buy boxes of milk, give it a try!” Write @luthfiazhars in the label. The posts that were shared caught the attention of internet users after receiving more than 240,000 views and 31,000 likes.

Hundreds of internet users also commented where they claimed to be greeted and touched after watching this viral video. In the video you can see two children pushing a cart with their parents.

There were sacks and used items that they had collected in the car. When it rained, the children looked very happy after receiving boxes of milk and some presents.

People who put money aside to give gifts to scavengers send greetings to internet users. (TikTok / @luthfiazhars)

“For those of you who complain a lot. Look at those who live on the streets. Rain, but they can still be happy. What we think is cheap they think is luxurious. Don’t forget to be grateful “wrote @luthfiazhars in the description in the video.

The TikTok user often uploads videos showing their moments giving toys, milk boxes or groceries to scavengers, street children and Manusia Gerobak.

Many internet users have made various comments after watching this viral video.

The moment of giving to a needy person makes the internet user overwhelmed. (TikTok / @luthfiazhars)

“Very inspiring! Boxed milk Rp. 6 thousand to Rp. 7 thousand, contemporary coffee Rp. 15-20 thousand. Doing good is not expensive. Our ego is expensive,” said @tenrinawa.

“Forgive your servant God because he still likes to complain (sad emoticons),” commented @akurico.

The moment of giving to a needy person makes the internet user overwhelmed. (TikTok / @luthfiazhars)

“Please see that I am really sad,” @rusdyprasetyo wrote.

“Whatever, I’m ashamed,” @ ehdnii03 said.

Follow this link to see the viral video about giving to scavengers or street children.

Alter Ego Brush, Bigetron Advances to Season Six MPL Finale

Alter Ego versus Bigetron. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Hitekno.com – Alter Ego vs Bigetron Alpha is a hot match presented in the top bracket semi-finals. The match was tough and tough, BTR managed to beat Alter Ego by a score of 2 on 1 so they reached the season six finals of Upper Bracket MPL Indonesia.

The first game took a long time, in which alter ego came up with an interesting surprise. After completely putting pressure on Alter Ego, he actually managed to make a comeback and steal the win.

The composition of the players and heroes of Alter Ego in the first game, namely Ahmad (Wanwan), Leo Murphy (Jawhead), Celiboy (Ling) Udil (Valir) and PAI (Bajan)

Bigetron Alpha heroes include Kyy (Selena), Branz (Chang’e), Renbo (Zilong), Matt (Yu Zhong), and Dreams (Hilda).

From the middle of the game to the 20th minute, Alter Ego was hit where they needed to stay on the base.

The first game of Alter Ego against Bigetron was won by AE with a score of 18 against 14 in the 29th minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

The kill score is actually pretty impressive when Bigetron leads 16 against 8 in the 21st minute. Alter Ego’s positive moment came in the 26th minute when they managed to overthrow two BTR heroes and steal Lord.

The 28th minute war that toppled three BTR heroes instantly dropped Alter Ego into the Inhibitor. Although they lost 14 against 18 through BTR against kill, Alter Ego was actually able to destroy the inhibitor turret and the altar from the enemy in the 29th minute.

In the second game, BTR immediately took the lead in number of kills against Alter Ego. In the 11th minute, the result is Kill 12 vs 8 to the advantage of Bigetron Alpha.

The second game Alter Ego against Bigetron was won by BTR with a score of 14 against 30 in the 28th minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

The combination of BTR Matt’s nifty play with his Yu Zhong hero plus two cores from Renbo and Branz made BTR appear fierce in the late game.

Since alter ego could not return like in the first game, attacks with Lord of BTR were used wisely. The war on the grassroots side in the 28th minute turned into a nightmare for Alter Ego.

Bigetron Alpha secured their second game win with a score of 30v19, making it 1v1 for this hot match.

The third game Alter Ego against Bigetron was won by BTR with a result of 27 against 13 in the 37th minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Similar to the first and second game, the third game even had to last longer than 30 minutes. Bigetron Alpha bought and sold attacks, throwing age in the 37th minute with a score of 27 against 13.

The Alter Ego vs. Bigetron match was very long as it lasted almost 1.5 hours, divided into three different games.

That result led Alter Ego to move to the lower bracket while Bigetron reached the final of the upper bracket in the season six play-off of MPL Indonesia against RRQ Hoshi.

Want Epic Skin for Free in Mobile Legends? Come on, take this Indonesian MPL quiz!

Illustration of the epic Hanabi VENOM Mobile Legends skin. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Hitekno.com – From October 16-18, Mobile Legends fans are pretty excited considering the three days of the weekend will be season six play-offs for MPL Indonesia. If you want a free Epic Mobile Legends skin, we’ll tell you how.

MPL Indonesia Season 6 held a quiz where the winner can get free epic skins. In addition to epic skins, you can get dozens of elite or specialty skins.

For your information, today is the second day of the play-off round of MPL Indonesia Season 6. On the first day, four teams fought for a spot to secure the spot in the top bracket.

As a result, EVOS Legends had to lift their suitcase after being defeated by ONIC with a score of 1 on 2.

While Genflix Aerowolf was also eliminated after being knocked down by Bigetron with a score of 0 on 2. This afternoon (October 17th, 2020) Bigetron competed with Alter Ego, where they won the match and thus blocked the last place in the upper bracket.

Epic Gusion Mobile Legends skin illustration. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Previously, RRQ had Hoshi grounded ONIC so they also reached the final of the top bracket. Bigetron and RRQ Hoshi will compete in the final of the upper bracket, while ONIC and Alter Ego will have to fight in the lower bracket.

To liven up the lively play-off of MPL Indonesia’s sixth season, MPL Indonesia, in partnership with HiTekno, hosted a quiz where the prizes were Epic, Special and Elite Skins.

The method is pretty simple. All you have to do is follow the Instagram account @hiteknodotcom, @ mpl.id.official and the sponsors listed below. Next, answer the questions on your Instagram account and tag three of your friends.

Logo MPL Indonesia Season 6. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

There is a quiz on MPL Indonesia Instagram account to guess the MVP players, which is 10 Epic Dragon Boy (Chou) skins and 20 Epic VENO Nephila (Hanabi) skins.

Two special Savage Point Guard skins (Balmond) are available via the Instagram account @hiteknodotcom, epic VENOM Emperor Scorpion skins (Gusion), 20 Elite Roguish Ranger skins (Yi Sun Shin) and 5 special Dangerous Liaison skins (Gusion ).

The following is a series of tests and questions:

1. Who was the best performing MVP in the season six play-offs of MPL Indonesia?

2. What was the most frequently used fighter hero during the sixth season of MPL Indonesia?

3. Who are the two teams that will take part in the MPL Indonesia Season 6 grand finale?

You have to visit the Instagram account @hiteknodotcom and @ mpl.id.official for all the details! Epic Mobile Legends Skin Prize winners will be announced the next Sunday and Monday after the grand finale ends.

Stupid drivers of illegal passengers until they fly, netizens: So sick!

Incompetent drivers let passengers fly. (Instagram / soloinfo)

Hitekno.com – A video about reckless driving made internet users excited and viral on social media. The reason is that the passengers appear to be “flying”.

The incident involving this reckless motorcycle was seen in the video uploaded yesterday (October 16, 2020) from the Instagram account @soloinfo.

In the video you first see a motorcyclist with a classic ride. Then he stepped on the gas as he passed a pile of earth near a building.

After jumping, the passenger on this motorcycle was thrown quite high before finally crashing into the ground.

Unfortunately, both motorcyclists and passengers did not wear helmets during this ruthless action. Unfortunately, it is not clear when and where the video was recorded.

Incompetent drivers let passengers fly. (Instagram)

* To go to the corresponding video, click here.

From this post it emerges that various responses from internet users regretted the car driver’s reckless behavior.

This painful action for motorists also prompted various responses from internet users to viruses on social media, as in some of the comments below.

“Wow, it really hurts,” said anjaz.saputra.

“Oh Allah, I know tibo ngene ki, I mean tibone sik sing keno buttocks (oh god, I fell so, the difference that my butt fell first)” wrote ciitraa_natural.

“Towards infinity and beyond,” said alfisahrin29.

This is a viral video on social media about reckless drivers acting that makes passengers “fly”. (Suara.com/ Cesar Uji Tawakal).

Get rid of ONIC, Alter Ego advances to Final Lower Bracket MPL Season 6

ONIC versus alter ego. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Hitekno.com – Alter Ego and ONIC met in the lower bracket after being defeated by their respective opponents in the upper bracket. This match is pretty hot considering AE Udil is a former ONIC Esports star player.

The Yellow Hedgehog had to give up Alter Ego after losing 2 to 1 in a very tough match.

The first game was quick as Alter Ego suppressed ONIC Esports instantly since stepping into the middle of the game.

In the 5th minute, the score for kill is 7 against 3 to the advantage of Alter Ego. Leo Murphy’s aggressive play with his Hilda hero kept Alter Ego pushing further since the early game.

The combination of the hero mages of Udil (Lunox) and Ahmad (Pharsa) makes the yellow hedgehog quite a nuisance. ONIC almost got up after Sanz got Maniac while staying on the base and leveling four heroes of Alter Ego.

AE won Alter Ego’s first game against ONIC with a score of 26 against 11. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

But the next attack actually left the yellow hedgehog helpless. Alter Ego secured victory in the first game with a score of 26 against 11 in the 12th minute.

In contrast to the first game, the second game lasted a very long time, with the two teams fighting for almost 30 minutes. By the 17th minute the kill score was pretty competitive, 19 versus 16 for the excellence of ONIC Esports.

The combination of ONIC Butsss’ attack initiation with Esmeralda and Rasy with his Hilda made Alter Ego very problematic.

ONIC Sanz, who plays the core with the hero Gusion, also looks fantastic. The war on top is an impetus for the yellow hedgehog.

The second game Alter Ego against ONIC was won by ONIC with a score of 28 against 16 in the 29th minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

After leveling the four heroes of Alter Ego, they immediately stormed and destroyed the altar. ONIC won the second game by a score of 28 against 16 in the 29th minute.

The score for match 1 on 1 means that the win must be determined in the third game. The crucial match was hot enough when Alter Ego and ONIC bought and sold attacks.

In the 15th minute, the kill score is 8 against 6 to the advantage of Alter Ego. In the late game, the Yellow Hedgehogs are cornered after being able to destroy only 1 tower of Alter Ego.

ONIC won the third game of Alter Ego against ONIC with a score of 18 against 10 in the 23rd minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Alter Ego, on the other hand, actually knocked down 7 towers of ONIC Esports in the 15th minute. The war for the Lord was a great loss for the yellow hedgehog.

Celiboy managed to capture Lord where the existing war had actually leveled four heroes from ONIC Esports. Alter Ego won the third game in the 23rd minute with a score of 18 against 10.

If alter ego wins the match with a final score of 2 on 1, he has the right to advance to the final in the lower bracket.

ONIC Esports has to catch up with Genflix Aerowolf and EVOS Esports, which previously also left MPL Indonesia Season 6. Alter Ego’s opponent will be the team that lost tonight (10/17/2020) in the final between RRQ and BTR in the final of the upper bracket.

RRQ threw BTR and reached the MPL Indonesia season six grand finale

RRQ Hoshi. (Instagram / mpl.id.official)

Hitekno.com – RRQ Hoshi versus Bigetron Alpha turned out to be an interesting game in MPL Indonesia PlayL-Off season 6. The king seemed too tough to score a 2v0 landslide against BTR.

The lineup of RRQ Hoshi players and heroes in the first game includes Vynnn (Khaleed), Lemon (Kadita), Xinnn (Thamuz), R7 (X.borg) and Albertt (Lancelot)

While Bigetron’s roster and heroes are Alpha Kyy (Natalia), Dreams (Jawhead), Matt (Chou), Branz (Pharsa) and Renbo (Ling). By the 8th minute, both teams were still very cautious, with the kill score still being 3 against 2 to the advantage of BTR.

The good game between Branz and Renbo gave BTR the lead in the 12th minute with a result of 8 against 3. Although the robot was superior in the number of kills, it couldn’t even destroy 1 tower of RRQ. On the other hand, the king’s split thrust had knocked out the four towers of Bigetron Alpha.

After Lord was stolen, attacks from above became an impetus for RRQ to suppress BTR. In the 15th minute, BTR’s inhibitor Turret only has one, although they are superior in kills.

RRQ vs BTR won the first game of RRQ with a kill score of 9 vs 8 in the 17th minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Due to the war on the top, RRQ was able to level the kill score to 8 against 8 in the 17th minute. The two remaining heroes of BTR pushed their way to the base and could not face the onslaught of five of the king’s heroes.

RRQ secured their first game win with a kill score of 9 against 8 in the 17th minute. Albertt played wonderfully by contributing 5 kills and 3 assists.

The second game was more intense and pretty tough. In the 14th minute, the score is 8 versus 9 for the slight advantage of RRQ.

Lemon, using the hero Eudora, played well by contributing 3 kills and 5 assists in the middle of the game. In the 19th minute, RRQ Hoshi managed to steal Lords Lord and the king gained momentum.

RRQ vs BTR won the second game of RRQ with a kill score of 11 vs 10 in the 21st minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

The attack with the Lord on top turned into a nightmare for Bigetron Alpha. Although the war did not kill the heroes of BTR, the attack on the altar brought RRQ Hoshi to victory.

RRQ Hoshi secured the second game with a kill score of 11 against 10. Lemon became MVP after contributing 4 kills and 6 assists.

That result kept RRQ Hoshi undefeated from week four until the play-offs. The king has the right to qualify for the grand finale of the sixth MPL Indonesia season, which will take place tomorrow, Sunday (October 17th, 2020). A place in the Grand Final is contested by the teams that compete in the final of the lower bracket on Sunday afternoon, namely Alter Ego versus Bigetron Alpha.

Carl Pei officially leaves OnePlus, these are his farewell words

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus. (Instagram / getpeid)

Hitekno.com – Carl Pei is confirmed to step down from his position at OnePlus, the company he founded with Pete Lau in 2013.

Earlier there were rumors of Carl Pei’s departure. But now the truth is confirmed by his farewell declaration to OnePlus and Pete Lau.

He has officially resigned and said goodbye to One Plus on Twitter, which he built with Pete Lau.

“Thank you @PeteLau @OnePlus,” Pei wrote on Twitter, mentioning the official Lau and OnePlus accounts.

In the tweet, he also included a link with his suicide note, which was uploaded to the OnePlus forum website, as reported by GSM Arena.

Carl Pei founder of OnePlus. (Twitter / @ getpeid)

In his farewell speeches, Pei said he spent his 20s at OnePlus into his early 30s.

Now he wants to take a short break and focus on his family relationship before continuing his struggle elsewhere.

“When OnePlus was only 24 years old, I spent my 20s there and grew up there too,” Pei wrote in his letter.

“In recent years, OnePlus has become my only focus and everything has to give way. But now I want to take a break to build relationships with family and friends. Then I want to follow my heart to the next destination,” he added.

OnePlus founder. (Twitter / @ getpeid)

The Swedish-born man has been known as the face of OnePlus since the brand took the storm and undermined the smartphone market in 2013.

OnePlus is known as a newcomer that has high specifications, attractive design, and a more wallet-friendly price.

Now, years later, OnePlus is an established brand and one of the biggest names in the business.

What about the future OnePlus and Pete Lau when Carl Pei leaves? (Suara.com/ Liberty Jemadu).

Praised for her small waist, this beautiful girl even confides in it

Curhatan beautiful girls about her small waist make netizens salfok. (TikTok / notzanissa)

Hitekno.com – Many women dream of a small and slim waistline. A beautiful girl who talked about the “discomfort” of having a small waist made internet users feel insecure.

TikTok users with an account named @notzanissa share their stories with the headline “Can you breathe?”

It was a post he confided in when praised for his small waistline.

Not as good as women’s dreams, @ notzanissa account shares various “problems” when you have a small waistline.

This beautiful girl shows how difficult it is for her to poke a hole in her belt and fold her jeans to fit her waist.

Curhatan beautiful girls about her small waist make internet users salfok. (TikTok / notzanissa)

“Those who say my waist is nice and small, some even want me? School skirts are always worn ugly, especially the ones that stretch, ew! Jeans have to be folded to fit. Everything has to be folded, even though it’s XS / S size. Everything has to wear a belt. Some even made a hole themselves, “@notzanissa wrote in the description of the video.

The shared video post successfully went viral after receiving more than 7.2 million views and 770,000 likes.

Thousands of internet users also commented where they actually made this beautiful girl salfok and even “unsafe”.

He shared a video with the background of Tulus’ song Tukar Jiwa, so it was like he wanted to let other people know what the conditions were like when they were him.

Curhatan beautiful girls about her small waist make netizens salfok. (TikTok / notzanissa)

Quite a few internet users believe that this beautiful girl has a face like Lisa Blackpink.

The shared video post received various comments from Internet users.

“Nj * r, this girl looks like Lisa Blackpink at a glance,” @inikanhar said.

“I cried every day when I saw this (sad emoticon),” @lampunyashaka replied.

This girl is talking about the trouble of having a small waistline. (TikTok / notzanissa)

“I’m really unsure,” @ garn1s wrote.

“It’s true that every time I buy a belt I sometimes bury myself because I’m still too tall (crying emoticon),” said @sagitaa.

“The others focus on the waist, I focus on their face like Lisa Blackpink,” commented @restiparker.

To see a viral video about a girl with a small waist who is making internet users insecure, you can visit this link.