4 Latest News: EVOS Receives Money, OST Genshin Impacts Spotify

EVOS logo. (Facebook / EVOS Esports)

Hitekno.com – EVOS Esports has been named the Most Popular Esports Team in Southeast Asia. It’s no wonder another cash injection has recently been received.

The esports team from Indonesia received 177 billion rupees. But soon EVOS Esports was eliminated from the sixth season of MPL Indonesia.

There is also good news for fans and gamers of the popular action RPG Genshin Impact. Because miHoYo officially brought this game soundtrack to music streaming services.

You can now listen to Genshin Impact OST on Spotify and Apple Music. Now that music can accompany your day outside of this popular game.

News about EVOS Esports which has paid out billions of rupiah and OST Genshin Impact is available on Spotify, including the latest news that is currently busy.

You can find more information in the following four breaking news that HiTekno.com is concerned with today, Saturday (10/17/2020).

1. After EVOS funds of Rp 177 billion had been paid out, EVOS in MPL was eliminated

EVOS logo. (EVOS TV)

The exciting and painful news hit EVOS Esports immediately. How could I not after EVOS Legends was eliminated from MPL Indonesia after funding Rp. 177 billion in Season 6?

For information, the game on Friday (October 16, 2020) yesterday presented ONIC against EVOS in the upper bracket play-in round.

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2. OST Genshin Impact available on Spotify, accompany you outside of the game

The city of Moon City in Genshin Impact. (miHoYo)

Genshin Impact doesn’t just offer beautiful graphics, an open world and intense action. But also the original soundtrak that supports every situation in this free game.

Like other elements in the game, miHoYo as a developer takes the work on the Genshin Impact OST seriously. It’s even produced with a great orchestra.

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3. 7 of the most popular mage heroes in Mobile Legends, the damage is so painful!

Hero Selena in Mobile Legends. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Hero Mage is one of the favorites in Mobile Legends because of its great contribution to damage. No wonder this Mobile Legends hero is popular with gamers and even becomes a mainstay.

The HiTekno.com team gives recommendations for the best and most popular magician heroes in Mobile Legends for the period after the latest updates.

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4. PUBG Mobile welcomes Halloween and presents the infection mode with zombies

PUBG Mobile characters. (PUBG Mobile).

To welcome Halloween, PUBG Mobile is back with its old mode. Namely the return of infection mode with zombie for fans and communities around the world.

Of course, the zombie infection mode includes Halloween nuances to liven up the announcement at PUBG Mobile.

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These are the four latest news from EVOS Esports, which may raise funds for the Genshin Impact OST available on Spotify.