After EVOS received funding of Rp177 billion, EVOS was eliminated in MPL

EVOS logo. (EVOS TV) – The exciting and painful news hit EVOS Esports immediately. How could I not after EVOS Legends was eliminated from MPL Indonesia after funding Rp. 177 billion in Season 6?

For information, the game on Friday (October 16, 2020) yesterday presented ONIC against EVOS in the upper bracket play-in round.

Unfortunately, EVOS Legends picked up the case immediately after it was defeated by ONIC with a score of 1 against 2.

While previously Attention Holdings (ATTN), the parent organization of the EVOS Esports organization, said it raised $ 12 million, or IDR 177 billion, in B-Series funds under the leadership of Korea Investment Partners.

Several investors cited by Techinasia have joined Insignia Ventures Partners, Mirae Asset Ventures, Woowa Brothers and Indogen Capital.

ONIC against EVOS in the play-offs. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

A company spokesman stated that the new funds will primarily be used to further develop technological capabilities.

The company also launched an esports platform in Southeast Asia but did not reveal any details.

In addition to the investment, EVOS announced that Sang-Ho Park, Executive Director of Korea Investment Partners, will join the ATTN board of directors.

“Esports is one of the fastest growing industries right now, and ATTN has successfully established itself as the most advanced esports platform in Asia,” said a statement from Park.

EVOS Esports wins Mobile Legends M1. (instagram / evosesports)

According to a report by ResearchAndMarkets, the global esports market is projected to reach $ 1.11 billion (Rs.16.3 trillion) by the end of this year and grow to $ 2.11 billion (Rs.31 trillion) by 2023.

To better take advantage of this opportunity, the company will improve online views for both streaming and online content.

For the year 2021, EVOS aims to achieve sales of 20 million US dollars or 294 billion rupees.

EVOS is the most popular eSports team in South Asia. (Esports Charts)

They will collect more than 1 million users for their new platform. Although Macan Putih swallowed the bitter pill in season six of MPL Indonesia, he is expected to be stronger if he can rely on these extra funds. For information, EVOS Legends is the winner of the MPL Indonesia Season 4 and M1 World Championship.

According to a report by, EVOS is the most popular team in Southeast Asia due to the number of followers from social media. The number of EVOS followers on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook reaches more than 6 million. It is believed that a large inflow of funds can increase the strength of EVOS Esports over the next season.