Alter Ego Brush, Bigetron Advances to Season Six MPL Finale

Alter Ego versus Bigetron. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia) – Alter Ego vs Bigetron Alpha is a hot match presented in the top bracket semi-finals. The match was tough and tough, BTR managed to beat Alter Ego by a score of 2 on 1 so they reached the season six finals of Upper Bracket MPL Indonesia.

The first game took a long time, in which alter ego came up with an interesting surprise. After completely putting pressure on Alter Ego, he actually managed to make a comeback and steal the win.

The composition of the players and heroes of Alter Ego in the first game, namely Ahmad (Wanwan), Leo Murphy (Jawhead), Celiboy (Ling) Udil (Valir) and PAI (Bajan)

Bigetron Alpha heroes include Kyy (Selena), Branz (Chang’e), Renbo (Zilong), Matt (Yu Zhong), and Dreams (Hilda).

From the middle of the game to the 20th minute, Alter Ego was hit where they needed to stay on the base.

The first game of Alter Ego against Bigetron was won by AE with a score of 18 against 14 in the 29th minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

The kill score is actually pretty impressive when Bigetron leads 16 against 8 in the 21st minute. Alter Ego’s positive moment came in the 26th minute when they managed to overthrow two BTR heroes and steal Lord.

The 28th minute war that toppled three BTR heroes instantly dropped Alter Ego into the Inhibitor. Although they lost 14 against 18 through BTR against kill, Alter Ego was actually able to destroy the inhibitor turret and the altar from the enemy in the 29th minute.

In the second game, BTR immediately took the lead in number of kills against Alter Ego. In the 11th minute, the result is Kill 12 vs 8 to the advantage of Bigetron Alpha.

The second game Alter Ego against Bigetron was won by BTR with a score of 14 against 30 in the 28th minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

The combination of BTR Matt’s nifty play with his Yu Zhong hero plus two cores from Renbo and Branz made BTR appear fierce in the late game.

Since alter ego could not return like in the first game, attacks with Lord of BTR were used wisely. The war on the grassroots side in the 28th minute turned into a nightmare for Alter Ego.

Bigetron Alpha secured their second game win with a score of 30v19, making it 1v1 for this hot match.

The third game Alter Ego against Bigetron was won by BTR with a result of 27 against 13 in the 37th minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Similar to the first and second game, the third game even had to last longer than 30 minutes. Bigetron Alpha bought and sold attacks, throwing age in the 37th minute with a score of 27 against 13.

The Alter Ego vs. Bigetron match was very long as it lasted almost 1.5 hours, divided into three different games.

That result led Alter Ego to move to the lower bracket while Bigetron reached the final of the upper bracket in the season six play-off of MPL Indonesia against RRQ Hoshi.