“C” parody of engineering students, internet users: I’m already grateful

This parody of the C-scores for engineering students amused internet users. (TikTok / @caisyahrw)

Hitekno.com – Each department or faculty must have its own characteristics. A parody video about grade C among engineering students managed to amuse internet users.

A TikTok account named @caisyahrw shared a video entitled “valid..wkwkw”.

Apparently this report parodies the comparison of engineering students with other faculties.

When other faculty students get a B grade, the facial expressions look ordinary and somewhat surprised.

Apparently, the B-scores in other faculties were described as quite disappointing in the parody.

This parody of the C-scores for engineering students amused internet users. (TikTok / @caisyahrw)

“When other faculty students check their grades: Lah B? How come? Okay,” wrote the title on the parody video.

In fact, as an engineering student, different answers were given.

“Engineering students checking the grades: Geez C? Oh God, thank you. Don’t repeat, Fix must be grateful. Fix tomorrow must be a week Tumpengan,” wrote the parody sentence in the video.

The shared video post went viral after receiving more than 1.8 million views and 133,000 likes.

This viral video is considered pretty insane and entertaining and has been shared 3,600 times. The post received various comments from internet users.

This engineering student C-scores parody went viral on social media. (TikTok / @caisyahrw)

“That’s right (laughs emoticon). This is where the civil engineers gather,” commented @ nfz9.

“Right, tech students get C, which means Cum Laude,” joked @DimasWiguna.

“Early semester: you need to get an A. Middle semester: it’s okay. B. Otw last semester: the most important thing is not to repeat yourself,” said @deboramitha.

“Computer science, numerical methods, calculus and others, I’m just grateful,” said vent @Dindaraa.

“That’s wrong, technical students don’t want a C. We’re trying (smiley emoticon),” @wrmnadit said.

You can watch a viral video of the engineering students’ C class parody through this link.