Get Millions of HP Production, Xiaomi Prepares “Smart Factory”

Xiaomi logo illustration. [Shutterstock] – To increase production capacity, Xiaomi is planning to build a smart factory. With the help of robots, Xiaomi’s new factory is expected to produce more than 10 million horsepower annually.

According to a report by ChinaDaily, the move comes from Xiaomi as the company continues to invest in the high-end market and improve its smart manufacturing capabilities.

The new Xiaomi Smart Factory is expected to be completely autonomous, also known as unmanned. CEO Lei Jun said a new goal had been set after Xiaomi’s first smart factory operated for 6 months in Yizhuang, Beijing.

The smart factory in Yizhuang, Beijing covers an area of ​​1,600 square meters. The plant will house an autonomous production line and should be able to produce 1 million premium class HP every year.

According to reports from Gizmochina, Xiaomi’s new fully autonomous factory is expected to produce more than 10 million horsepower each year without sacrificing quality or company standards.

Xiaomi Smart Factory in Yizhuang, Beijing. (Gizmochina)

Lei Jun revealed that an intelligent manufacturing system is the future for Xiaomi.

“Given the complex international business environment in China, smart manufacturing is the way forward for the company. Through independent innovation, Xiaomi hopes to bring industrial robots to the fore and reduce production costs to a tenth of their current levels,” said Lei Jun.

To achieve this goal, the company has invested heavily in research and technology development.

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi. (Xiaomi)

In fact, it is reported that Xiaomi has prepared mutual funds in more than 70 smart device, semiconductor and commodity companies.

Lei Jun announced that they had spent $ 1.48 billion, or rupees 21.8 trillion, on the company’s research and development department. Xiaomi aims to grow its market in Europe over the next three to five years.