Get rid of ONIC, Alter Ego advances to Final Lower Bracket MPL Season 6

ONIC versus alter ego. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia) – Alter Ego and ONIC met in the lower bracket after being defeated by their respective opponents in the upper bracket. This match is pretty hot considering AE Udil is a former ONIC Esports star player.

The Yellow Hedgehog had to give up Alter Ego after losing 2 to 1 in a very tough match.

The first game was quick as Alter Ego suppressed ONIC Esports instantly since stepping into the middle of the game.

In the 5th minute, the score for kill is 7 against 3 to the advantage of Alter Ego. Leo Murphy’s aggressive play with his Hilda hero kept Alter Ego pushing further since the early game.

The combination of the hero mages of Udil (Lunox) and Ahmad (Pharsa) makes the yellow hedgehog quite a nuisance. ONIC almost got up after Sanz got Maniac while staying on the base and leveling four heroes of Alter Ego.

AE won Alter Ego’s first game against ONIC with a score of 26 against 11. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

But the next attack actually left the yellow hedgehog helpless. Alter Ego secured victory in the first game with a score of 26 against 11 in the 12th minute.

In contrast to the first game, the second game lasted a very long time, with the two teams fighting for almost 30 minutes. By the 17th minute the kill score was pretty competitive, 19 versus 16 for the excellence of ONIC Esports.

The combination of ONIC Butsss’ attack initiation with Esmeralda and Rasy with his Hilda made Alter Ego very problematic.

ONIC Sanz, who plays the core with the hero Gusion, also looks fantastic. The war on top is an impetus for the yellow hedgehog.

The second game Alter Ego against ONIC was won by ONIC with a score of 28 against 16 in the 29th minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

After leveling the four heroes of Alter Ego, they immediately stormed and destroyed the altar. ONIC won the second game by a score of 28 against 16 in the 29th minute.

The score for match 1 on 1 means that the win must be determined in the third game. The crucial match was hot enough when Alter Ego and ONIC bought and sold attacks.

In the 15th minute, the kill score is 8 against 6 to the advantage of Alter Ego. In the late game, the Yellow Hedgehogs are cornered after being able to destroy only 1 tower of Alter Ego.

ONIC won the third game of Alter Ego against ONIC with a score of 18 against 10 in the 23rd minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Alter Ego, on the other hand, actually knocked down 7 towers of ONIC Esports in the 15th minute. The war for the Lord was a great loss for the yellow hedgehog.

Celiboy managed to capture Lord where the existing war had actually leveled four heroes from ONIC Esports. Alter Ego won the third game in the 23rd minute with a score of 18 against 10.

If alter ego wins the match with a final score of 2 on 1, he has the right to advance to the final in the lower bracket.

ONIC Esports has to catch up with Genflix Aerowolf and EVOS Esports, which previously also left MPL Indonesia Season 6. Alter Ego’s opponent will be the team that lost tonight (10/17/2020) in the final between RRQ and BTR in the final of the upper bracket.