Praised for her small waist, this beautiful girl even confides in it

Curhatan beautiful girls about her small waist make netizens salfok. (TikTok / notzanissa) – Many women dream of a small and slim waistline. A beautiful girl who talked about the “discomfort” of having a small waist made internet users feel insecure.

TikTok users with an account named @notzanissa share their stories with the headline “Can you breathe?”

It was a post he confided in when praised for his small waistline.

Not as good as women’s dreams, @ notzanissa account shares various “problems” when you have a small waistline.

This beautiful girl shows how difficult it is for her to poke a hole in her belt and fold her jeans to fit her waist.

Curhatan beautiful girls about her small waist make internet users salfok. (TikTok / notzanissa)

“Those who say my waist is nice and small, some even want me? School skirts are always worn ugly, especially the ones that stretch, ew! Jeans have to be folded to fit. Everything has to be folded, even though it’s XS / S size. Everything has to wear a belt. Some even made a hole themselves, “@notzanissa wrote in the description of the video.

The shared video post successfully went viral after receiving more than 7.2 million views and 770,000 likes.

Thousands of internet users also commented where they actually made this beautiful girl salfok and even “unsafe”.

He shared a video with the background of Tulus’ song Tukar Jiwa, so it was like he wanted to let other people know what the conditions were like when they were him.

Curhatan beautiful girls about her small waist make netizens salfok. (TikTok / notzanissa)

Quite a few internet users believe that this beautiful girl has a face like Lisa Blackpink.

The shared video post received various comments from Internet users.

“Nj * r, this girl looks like Lisa Blackpink at a glance,” @inikanhar said.

“I cried every day when I saw this (sad emoticon),” @lampunyashaka replied.

This girl is talking about the trouble of having a small waistline. (TikTok / notzanissa)

“I’m really unsure,” @ garn1s wrote.

“It’s true that every time I buy a belt I sometimes bury myself because I’m still too tall (crying emoticon),” said @sagitaa.

“The others focus on the waist, I focus on their face like Lisa Blackpink,” commented @restiparker.

To see a viral video about a girl with a small waist who is making internet users insecure, you can visit this link.