PUBG Mobile welcomes Halloween and presents the infection mode with zombies

PUBG Mobile characters. (PUBG Mobile). – To welcome Halloween, PUBG Mobile is back with its old mode. Namely the return of infection mode with zombie for fans and communities around the world.

Of course, the zombie infection mode includes Halloween nuances to liven up the announcement at PUBG Mobile.

Jenny, PUBG Mobile Marketing Manager, said in Infection mode, players would feel adrenaline and tension if a werewolf were ready to scratch them and turn them into walking undead, aka zombies.

“The infection mode, which was launched for the first time in the PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 content update in August last year, is popular content and has received a lot of positive feedback from its fans,” said Jenny in her statement on Saturday (10/17/2020) .

Jenny said that for the next 3 weeks, or more precisely until Monday November 9th, 2020, players can use this favorite mode again by updating content for free.

“In addition, new themes and costumes were added to this game as part of the PUBG Mobile Halloweeks celebration,” he said.

In this PUBG MOBILE infection mode update, a player competes against other players in PVP (Player vs Player) mode.

At the start of the game, players are split into two teams of 5 players each and selected at random, regardless of whether they are part of the Zombies team or the Defenders team.

To win this match, the Zombies team must be able to infect the entire Defenders team before the specified time limit has expired.

PUBG Mobile releases the infection mode with zombies. (PUBG Mobile)

On the other hand, the Defenders team, who can survive uninfected even though only one person lives by the deadline, is entitled to the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

In order to protect the Defenders team from attacks by the Zombies team, the Defenders team is armed with M416 and AK47 rifles with super extended mags.

When the Defenders team only leaves 3 players in a match, they become a strong fighter named Vanquisher.

This machquisher is equipped with machete and great attack power and cannot be infected by zombies. He attacks the zombies and zombies that are hit by the attack, immediately leaves the game and switches to spectator mode.

The zombies team itself is only armed with its claws and can only attack at close range. However, this team has a certain time limit, e.g. B. Fast running and magic to vanish.

For the zombies team that successfully infected their enemies with zombies, they have extra strength to defend and attack and can become a zombie king.

“The introduction of the PUBG Mobile infection mode ahead of the Halloween celebration this year is a mysterious surprise that we’re bringing back to PUBG Mobile fans around the world with the PUBG Mobile 1.0 update. This mode updates various content, making PUBG Mobile Games Getting More Interesting and Interesting “It’s different because this mode encourages players to think about appropriate strategies to win the game. This mode has also been eagerly awaited as it can offer a gamer very challenging gameplay and adrenaline pumping, “said Jenny.

In addition to bringing back infection mode, PUBG MOBILE has made some updates to this edition of Halloweeks, including Halloween decorations and knickknacks, including zombies in Halloween costumes, jack-o-lanterns (pumpkins with lights), tombstones, and Halloween candles.

“Costumes, items and other Halloweeks-themed content will be announced in the near future,” concluded Jenny.