RRQ threw BTR and reached the MPL Indonesia season six grand finale

RRQ Hoshi. (Instagram / mpl.id.official)

Hitekno.com – RRQ Hoshi versus Bigetron Alpha turned out to be an interesting game in MPL Indonesia PlayL-Off season 6. The king seemed too tough to score a 2v0 landslide against BTR.

The lineup of RRQ Hoshi players and heroes in the first game includes Vynnn (Khaleed), Lemon (Kadita), Xinnn (Thamuz), R7 (X.borg) and Albertt (Lancelot)

While Bigetron’s roster and heroes are Alpha Kyy (Natalia), Dreams (Jawhead), Matt (Chou), Branz (Pharsa) and Renbo (Ling). By the 8th minute, both teams were still very cautious, with the kill score still being 3 against 2 to the advantage of BTR.

The good game between Branz and Renbo gave BTR the lead in the 12th minute with a result of 8 against 3. Although the robot was superior in the number of kills, it couldn’t even destroy 1 tower of RRQ. On the other hand, the king’s split thrust had knocked out the four towers of Bigetron Alpha.

After Lord was stolen, attacks from above became an impetus for RRQ to suppress BTR. In the 15th minute, BTR’s inhibitor Turret only has one, although they are superior in kills.

RRQ vs BTR won the first game of RRQ with a kill score of 9 vs 8 in the 17th minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

Due to the war on the top, RRQ was able to level the kill score to 8 against 8 in the 17th minute. The two remaining heroes of BTR pushed their way to the base and could not face the onslaught of five of the king’s heroes.

RRQ secured their first game win with a kill score of 9 against 8 in the 17th minute. Albertt played wonderfully by contributing 5 kills and 3 assists.

The second game was more intense and pretty tough. In the 14th minute, the score is 8 versus 9 for the slight advantage of RRQ.

Lemon, using the hero Eudora, played well by contributing 3 kills and 5 assists in the middle of the game. In the 19th minute, RRQ Hoshi managed to steal Lords Lord and the king gained momentum.

RRQ vs BTR won the second game of RRQ with a kill score of 11 vs 10 in the 21st minute. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

The attack with the Lord on top turned into a nightmare for Bigetron Alpha. Although the war did not kill the heroes of BTR, the attack on the altar brought RRQ Hoshi to victory.

RRQ Hoshi secured the second game with a kill score of 11 against 10. Lemon became MVP after contributing 4 kills and 6 assists.

That result kept RRQ Hoshi undefeated from week four until the play-offs. The king has the right to qualify for the grand finale of the sixth MPL Indonesia season, which will take place tomorrow, Sunday (October 17th, 2020). A place in the Grand Final is contested by the teams that compete in the final of the lower bracket on Sunday afternoon, namely Alter Ego versus Bigetron Alpha.