See the action of these Ojol riders in between bike orders making the netizens rub their chests

Ojol driver illustration. ( Rohimah) – Many stories of online motorcycle taxi drivers or Ojol drivers have gone viral on social media. How can internet users like this be excited about their actions in delivering bikes to customer orders?

Not only bicycles, but also the viral photo postings on social media show that this motorcycle taxi driver is also carrying large boxes. In the picture it is assumed that it is a water pump box.

This portrait of an Ojol driver with an unexpected object was uploaded yesterday (15/10/2020) from the account @

Of course, these items cannot simply be transported by motorcycle. So the solution is to attach the water pump to the passenger seat and the bike to the back of the motorcycle.

Not to forget that the front tire on this old bike is raised slightly so that the bike can be pulled easily.

Viral ojol action when asked to take the bike. (Instagram)

This portrait has apparently invited various responses from Internet users. Some of them saluted the spirit of the Ojol driver while some mocked the customer who had the heart to bring the two items. Here are some comments.

“Usually those who dare to tip more than 200,000 have not waited right away. If I have a good route or can handle the gasoline, I cannot help anyone,” said Henricokatonutomo.

“Usually it’s a big project,” wrote muhammad_romano.

“Busehhh water pump, in the same class as a generator, is already heavy and still carries a bike. It’s also sad to see it,” said Imam_sujarwo

This is what the motorcycle taxi driver looked like carrying bikes and goods ordered by this customer and internet users were amazed until it went viral on social media. ( Cesar Uji Tawakal).