Stupid drivers of illegal passengers until they fly, netizens: So sick!

Incompetent drivers let passengers fly. (Instagram / soloinfo) – A video about reckless driving made internet users excited and viral on social media. The reason is that the passengers appear to be “flying”.

The incident involving this reckless motorcycle was seen in the video uploaded yesterday (October 16, 2020) from the Instagram account @soloinfo.

In the video you first see a motorcyclist with a classic ride. Then he stepped on the gas as he passed a pile of earth near a building.

After jumping, the passenger on this motorcycle was thrown quite high before finally crashing into the ground.

Unfortunately, both motorcyclists and passengers did not wear helmets during this ruthless action. Unfortunately, it is not clear when and where the video was recorded.

Incompetent drivers let passengers fly. (Instagram)

* To go to the corresponding video, click here.

From this post it emerges that various responses from internet users regretted the car driver’s reckless behavior.

This painful action for motorists also prompted various responses from internet users to viruses on social media, as in some of the comments below.

“Wow, it really hurts,” said anjaz.saputra.

“Oh Allah, I know tibo ngene ki, I mean tibone sik sing keno buttocks (oh god, I fell so, the difference that my butt fell first)” wrote ciitraa_natural.

“Towards infinity and beyond,” said alfisahrin29.

This is a viral video on social media about reckless drivers acting that makes passengers “fly”. ( Cesar Uji Tawakal).