Support the Indonesian gaming industry by playing games and hosting Bukalapak Holds tournaments

Bukalapak and Maingame had a fun tournament. (Bukalapak) – To help build the gaming industry as a subsector of the country’s creative industries, Bukalapak and hosted a Fun Tournament program. This event is also a form of’s presence in the Bukalapak application.

Anton Soeharyo, CEO of, said his vision was to build the games industry as a subsector for the country’s creative industry so that it continues to grow and develop.

“Working with Bukalapak is one of the ways we can build a game industry in Indonesia,” said Anton. According to Anton, this effort is the first step in giving the public access to various games made by the nation’s children.

“The results of the domestic game developers are increasingly recognized, played and loved,” said Anton.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Anton claims saw service traffic increase 75 percent in the past month.

Bukalapak and Maingame had a fun tournament. (Bukalapak)

“This positive trend also reinforces our steps towards working with Bukalapak, which can also further the growth of and all local game developers in our ecosystem,” said Anton.

In the meantime, Hans Calvin, Head of New Customers & O2O Growth Bukalapak, welcomed this cooperation program to strengthen Bukalapak’s commitment as an innovative online platform that can continue to meet the diverse needs of the community.

“Hobbies and collectibles, including play equipment, are among the popular item categories at Bukalapak amid this pandemic situation. This trend shows that, among various other activities, people are spending their time at home playing their hobby of gaming. We hope that Asik Tournament can support our goal of continuing to meet the needs of our various users, including the need for gaming hobbies, “said Hans.

All participants in the Bukalapak Fun Tournament have the opportunity to receive Bukalapak Credits up to IDR 7,500,000 per week according to the terms and conditions. Full information on the Fun Tournament can be found at

Bukalapak and Maingame had a fun tournament. (Bukalapak)

This is the Fun Tournament, a joint event for Bukalapak and that will be alive soon!