Take part in NASA’s moon mission, Blue Origin Test New Shepard Rocket

Blue Moon, the concept of the Blue Origin spacecraft due to be delivered to the moon in 2024. This concept was exhibited in the USA on Thursday (September 5th, 2019) by Jeff Bezos, owner of Blue Origin and founder of Amazon. [Blue Origin]

Hitekno.com – The US space agency NASA is preparing a mission to Bula involving various private companies. Including Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, Amazon boss.

To participate in the mission, Jeff Bezos’ company has tested the necessary equipment. Including the preparation of the New Shepard missile.

Blue Origin launched its New Shepard rocket from Texas for the seventh time on Tuesday (October 13th, 2020).

The company is testing a new lunar landing technology for NASA that could help send astronauts back to the moon in 2024.

The test flight reached a peak altitude of 106 km and lasted 10 minutes. The engine lands vertically at the launch site with a capsule that carries out scientific experiments.

On board are NASA navigation equipment, including sensors and computers that will be reused in future missions.

The payload is called a splice, which stands for Safe and Precise Landing – Integrated Capabilities Evolution. By using a camera to obtain real-time information about its surroundings, the computer can perform “relative terrain navigation”.

Blue origin [Blue Origin].

This data is compared to maps on a computer system so that we can better understand the environment and land more safely.

In time, the New Shepard rocket will fly 12 payloads to the edge of space, including equipment such as a demonstration landing sensor used as part of NASA’s Artemis mission.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine tweeted his congratulations after the test started. He said the space agency needed the ability to land in a specific location on the moon.

Under the direction of Amazon founders, Blue Origin led a corporate team to develop a lunar lander for astronauts. Elon Musk’s SpaceX has joined the land work as well as Dynetics.

NASA reported from The Independent on Saturday (October 17th, 2020) and selected these three companies for the Artemis mission in the initial phase of the moon landing program.

Blue Origin’s launch is the first in almost a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company said it needs to do a few more flight tests before the crew is launched.

This is Blue Origin’s attempt to test the New Shepard rocket in preparation for a mission to the moon with NASA. (Suara.com/ Lintang Siltya Utami).