Telkomsel’s URVIDEO competition invites content creators to get involved with youth

TELKOMSEL URVIDEO COMPETITION 2020. (Telkomsel) – Telkomsel announced a new program initiative called TELKOMSEL URVIDEO COMPETITION 2020 to interpret the commemoration of the 2020 Youth Promise and Heroes Day. This program is a video competition from the collaboration between Telkomsel and Urbanasia that invites Indonesian content creators to create positive creations for society.

The theme “The Pride of Diversity in Indonesia” was chosen with the aim of increasing the pride of the Indonesian nation in the midst of diversity, to convey the spirit of love for the motherland for the nation’s children. Registration for the video competition itself is possible from October 15 to November 10, 2020.

Telkomsel Vice President Corporate Communications Denny Abidin said, “We are very excited to host TELKOMSEL URVIDEO 2020 as a new initiative for us to interpret the commemoration of the Youth Promise and Heroes Day. Telkomsel hopes this program will provide a platform which is easily accessible for all people especially content creators in Indonesia to channel their work and creativity, we look forward to the best video work from Indonesian content creators demonstrating the diversity of the country by demonstrating the value of the Maintain nationality in a visual video presentation. “

TELKOMSEL URVIDEO COMPETITION 2020 offers talented content creators across Indonesia the opportunity to register their works from October 15 to November 10, 2020. Telkomsel and Urbanasia offer participants the freedom to choose the genre from short films ranging from drama, comedy, documentary to animation, as long as it represents the spirit of “The Pride of Diversity in Indonesia” that is the theme of this initiative. The duration for registered videos is a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes.


Participants must also use one of the nine selected songs to support the registered video work. The nine songs are included in the Nyanyian Anak Negeri album, which is a form of Telkomsel’s support for the Sinergy for Indonesia community and the Indonesian concern to present a collection of songs that embody the values ​​of unity, diversity and love for the Evoke land.

Later, all registered video works pass judges’ evaluation to produce 20 finalists. Judges who will compete in the 2020 TELKOMSEL URVIDEO COMPETITION include Raditya Dika, Salman Aristo, and Hilman Mutan.

The 20 selected works can then be viewed by the public on the MAXstream Telkomsel service, where the public can also vote for the video works they like. All finalists also took part in the top event of the TELKOMSEL URVIDEO COMPETITION 2020 on November 19, 2020, which was broadcast live via the MAXstream application channel. There are four categories of winners that will be announced at the event, namely Gold Best Video, Silver Best Video, Bronze Best Video and Best Voted with a total prize pool of Rp 160,000,000.


“We also hope that the TELKOMSEL URVIDEO COMPETITION 2020 can make a real contribution to the further development of the creative industry in Indonesia, especially in the film sector. Not to forget, on the occasion of the commemoration of the Youth Promise and the Day of Heroes, Telkomsel invites you as a pioneer of society unite all elements of the nation to perpetuate the spirit of nationalism and patriotism by continuing to participate in diversity. In this way we can strengthen cooperation that will allow Indonesia to move forward while upholding national values, “Denny concluded .

TELKOMSEL URVIDEO COMPETITION 2020 will hold a workshop on filmmaking amid a pandemic on October 28, 2020 as part of a webinar. This material is supplied by Edward Suhadi.