Viral video of kids playing simulation demo, netizens: Train early

Viral video of children playing demo simulation. (Twitter / Flutulangs) – Viral video of a group of children playing a demonstration or demo. Interestingly, there were several boys who acted as police officers with signs.

Meanwhile, the other children were seen playing the protesters facing each other with their peers, as in the viral video on social media.

The video of the children playing the demo simulation went viral on Twitter. For example, as when uploading the @flutulangs account on Thursday (October 15, 2020).

The 29-second video shows several children playing the role of protesters and police. The boy who became a policeman wears a black sign that says “Police”.

There were five boys who sat behind black shields and stood in a row. Their formation looked like a riot police securing the uprising.

In the meantime, other children who appeared as demonstrators would occasionally kick the shields. There were also some children who threw pebbles at the shield.

Those who became police did not remain silent as the pebbles were thrown. One of the children who was carrying his shield ran and dragged the boy who was throwing pebbles. Another child, who is also a police officer, helps protect his friend.

Viral video of kids playing a simulation demo (Twitter @flutulangs)

This group of children allegedly played a demo simulation at the police station complex. Because an emergency car was parked not far from the town.

Until this news was posted, it was not known when the viral video was captured on social media or where exactly it is located. But internet users gave a lot of answers there.

The video of the children playing the demo simulation was monitored in the afternoon until Friday (October 16, 2020) and viewed more than 112,000 times.

Netizens also gave 482 likes and 279 retweets. The comments written there are very different.

“His favorite show on television is definitely demo news,” commented @adn *******.

“Early training,” @k ********* wrote.

“The great thing about this country is that it has learned to demonstrate in young children,” @s ******** said.

“Early demo simulation,” commented @b *******.

Check out the video of the kids playing the full demo simulation here.

This is a viral video on social media showing children playing demo simulations, even with the roles of police and protesters. ( Rifan Aditya).