Want Epic Skin for Free in Mobile Legends? Come on, take this Indonesian MPL quiz!

Illustration of the epic Hanabi VENOM Mobile Legends skin. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Hitekno.com – From October 16-18, Mobile Legends fans are pretty excited considering the three days of the weekend will be season six play-offs for MPL Indonesia. If you want a free Epic Mobile Legends skin, we’ll tell you how.

MPL Indonesia Season 6 held a quiz where the winner can get free epic skins. In addition to epic skins, you can get dozens of elite or specialty skins.

For your information, today is the second day of the play-off round of MPL Indonesia Season 6. On the first day, four teams fought for a spot to secure the spot in the top bracket.

As a result, EVOS Legends had to lift their suitcase after being defeated by ONIC with a score of 1 on 2.

While Genflix Aerowolf was also eliminated after being knocked down by Bigetron with a score of 0 on 2. This afternoon (October 17th, 2020) Bigetron competed with Alter Ego, where they won the match and thus blocked the last place in the upper bracket.

Epic Gusion Mobile Legends skin illustration. (YouTube / Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Previously, RRQ had Hoshi grounded ONIC so they also reached the final of the top bracket. Bigetron and RRQ Hoshi will compete in the final of the upper bracket, while ONIC and Alter Ego will have to fight in the lower bracket.

To liven up the lively play-off of MPL Indonesia’s sixth season, MPL Indonesia, in partnership with HiTekno, hosted a quiz where the prizes were Epic, Special and Elite Skins.

The method is pretty simple. All you have to do is follow the Instagram account @hiteknodotcom, @ mpl.id.official and the sponsors listed below. Next, answer the questions on your Instagram account and tag three of your friends.

Logo MPL Indonesia Season 6. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia)

There is a quiz on MPL Indonesia Instagram account to guess the MVP players, which is 10 Epic Dragon Boy (Chou) skins and 20 Epic VENO Nephila (Hanabi) skins.

Two special Savage Point Guard skins (Balmond) are available via the Instagram account @hiteknodotcom, epic VENOM Emperor Scorpion skins (Gusion), 20 Elite Roguish Ranger skins (Yi Sun Shin) and 5 special Dangerous Liaison skins (Gusion ).

The following is a series of tests and questions:

1. Who was the best performing MVP in the season six play-offs of MPL Indonesia?

2. What was the most frequently used fighter hero during the sixth season of MPL Indonesia?

3. Who are the two teams that will take part in the MPL Indonesia Season 6 grand finale?

You have to visit the Instagram account @hiteknodotcom and @ mpl.id.official for all the details! Epic Mobile Legends Skin Prize winners will be announced the next Sunday and Monday after the grand finale ends.