This man thinks Petai is almost 1 meter tall, Netizen: Wow Giant

Petai illustration. (Shutterstock) – Petai vegetables are common in Indonesia, sizes vary too, but have you ever come across petai around 1 meter tall?

This giant petai was found by an internet user and later went viral.

Petai, a green plant often used in a variety of dishes, is generally around 8 to 12 inches tall. However, one internet user shared a photo of the discovery of a giant petai through his Twitter @kayy_azman.

In the photo, this 23-year-old man shows a huge petai that is more than 1 meter tall. There are three photos he shared on upload. The three photos show him with a huge petai.

This man also uploaded a video of himself with a giant petai that was 12 seconds long. With the Malay language, he shows that the giant petai is real.

Petai (twitter @saija_sexy)

He was very interested in it because this was the first time in his life that he had met a giant petai.

This post received over a thousand comments and 14,000 retweets.

“Wow is that big? This can be used for people from a village,” wrote one of the netizens.

Many internet users are concerned about the smell of breath and urine after eating the giant petai. “Imagine eating it and then urinating. The odor won’t go away for 3 days,” wrote one Internet user.

There were also internet users who commented, “I think I just met Doraemon’s flashlight, bye.”

Previously, something similar had gone viral in Indonesia. It is known that a resident of the Banjarnegara region found giant petai. After an investigation, however, it turned out that it was not petai, but entada fruit.

Entada fruits are similar in shape to petai but are large in size. Entada is a type of vine.

Are the petai the Malaysian found really huge petai? If not, could it be an entada fruit like the one in Banjarnegara? ( Kyuna)

Kagura is the idol in Mobile Legends RRQ Lemon

Lemon RRQ. (instagram / ikhsan_lemon) – RRQ Lemon is one of the most popular esports athletes that Mobile Legends players are familiar with. RRQ Hoshi’s mainstay are three Mobile Legends heroes, one of whom is Kagura.

He uses the three most often in games, even when participating in MPL. Even since RRQ Hoshi’s fierce competition with EVOS when there was Jess No Limit.

If EVOS had Jess No Limit in its day, RRQ was very successful with Lemon, often referred to as an alien. It is not for nothing that RRQ Lemon is called an alien, as this pro player can play all hero roles well.

RRQ Lemon is very reliable and is known to have managed to win the RRQ name to win MPL Season 1. He finished runner-up in MPL Season 4 and was until recently champion of the MPL Invitational that took place some time ago.

Known to be very talented, there are at least 3 Mobile Legends heroes who are often the mainstay of RRQ Lemon. What are you?

These are the 3 heroes that Lemon most often uses for some of the videos he uploads to his personal YouTube channel.

1. Fusion

Gusion Mobile Legends. (

The first hero to become the mainstay of RRQ Lemon is Gusion. Blast damage and terrifying attack skills make this street hero worrying. The game of Lemon, which Gusion understands very well, is certainly a threat to the opposing team.

2. Natalia

Natalia Mobile Legends. (

Hero Mobile Legends sucks like Natalia, apparently a mainstay of RRQ Lemon. Natalia’s task is of course very clear, namely to disturb the opponent’s jungle. Along with Natalia in the final MPL season, RRQ Lemon managed to overwhelm the Bigetron players.

3. Kagura

Kagura Mobile Legends. (HiTekno)

Of course, when you talk about RRQ Lemon, you can’t forget about Kagura. RRQ Lemon successfully won the top global title together with Kagura. RRQ Lemon is known to have had a fantastic win rate while playing Kagura.

These are the 3 heroes of Mobile Legends that RRQ Lemon often plays in different matches.

Cool, Google’s new feature can only recognize songs by murmuring

Google Chrome illustration. (Pixabay / Geralt) – Google has a feature to search for songs instead of just listening to the melody. Users will find it easy to find songs even if they forget the lyrics as long as they remember the sheet music.

Interestingly, Google’s search feature now supports searching for titles while the user hums a tune and uses machine learning to better understand typos and misspellings.

The new function is called hum to search and is available via the Google Assistant for iOS and Android. Smartphone users can press the microphone button in the Google app and say “What’s this song?” Say or click the Find Song button.

After 10 to 15 seconds of hum of a melody, Google will show a result that corresponds to the opinion of the song.

According to Google, users don’t have to mumble perfectly to get results. The tech company continues to show the closest option based on the song in question.

Google Voice. [Shutterstock]

The service displays the song title, artist, and options to open the song in other applications such as YouTube.

“When a user hums a melody in Search, our machine learning model converts the audio into a number-based sequence that represents the melody of the song. Our model is trained to identify songs from a variety of sources, including human chants, whistles, or Chants as well as studio recordings, “said Krishna Kumar. , Senior Product Manager of Google Search, as quoted by the Independent on Saturday (10/17/2020).

Kumar added that the algorithm also removes all other details such as accompanying instruments, timbres and tonality.

Google is also improving its ability to understand misspelled words and to say that every tenth query is misspelled.

The new spelling algorithm uses deep neural networks to improve recognition. This change results in even greater spelling improvements.

This is the search feature in Google Assistant that allows you to find song titles by simply mumbling. ( Lintang Siltya Utami).

5 most searched and used Excel formulas, number 3 must not be foreign

Microsoft Excel. (Microsoft) – Microsoft Excel, software used by almost all levels of society. Maybe you even memorized the Excel formula?

There is no doubt about the popularity of this spreadsheet software from school children to high school students to workers.

Well, here are the most commonly used Excel formulas that you need to know.

Microsoft Excel has a variety of important features that relate to important things in life, such as: B. Finance, Industry, Statistics and Research.

Even if you’re planning something, you need Excel to keep your schedule organized and easy to understand.

To make your work easier, Excel has formulas that make it easier and faster to add, multiply, and manage data and text.

It’s easier when you can use these formulas to memorize some formulas from across Microsoft Excel software.

Microsoft Excel illustration. (Pixabay)

Here are the five most popular Excel formulas.


MATCH is useful for finding a specific value in a range, list, or table and then returning the result or showing the relative position of a value called a range, list, or table. The main purpose of using this formula is to find the sequence number of values. For example Nana, Fafa, Rara, then the relative position of Rara is number 3.

MATCH formula: Syntax: = MATCH (lookup_value, lookup_array, [match_type]


The index is useful for getting a value from an available range or table. For example, you want to know or use the value of the word “Sawi” in Excel from the “Vegetable list” column. You can do this by indexing the location of the value you want.

Index formula: Syntax: = INDEX (array, line number, [column_num])


To include a number in an Excel list, you can use SUM by adding data per cell in one or more ranges.

SUM formula: Syntax: = SUM (number1,[number2], …)


LOOKUP is used to find a range of values ​​in a column or row. This formula is actually rarely used as most people have switched to the VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP formula.

LOOKUP formula: Syntax: = LOOKUP (lookup_value, array)

5. IF

IF is used to return or display a value when a TRUE statement is present, or to display a value when the statement is FALSE. This IF formula can be used for many purposes, such as combining IF functions or nested IF, namely IF functions in IF. This formula can be used for up to 64 IF functions.

IF formula: Syntax: = IF (logical_Test,[value_if_true],[value_if_false])

These are some of the most popular and widely used Excel formulas that you need to know. Can you remember (Voice Lolita Valda Claudia).

RRQ Hoshi defeated Alter Ego in 5 games and won the MPL Season 6 Cup

RRQ Hoshi. (Instagram / – With the regular season and playoffs over, MPL Indonesia’s long journey of season six finally reached the grand finale. That final round brought down the other teams, bringing together King RRQ Hoshi and the dark horse Alter Ego.

King RRQ Hoshi reached the MPL Indonesia sixth season grand final after beating Bigetron Alpha 2-0 in the top bracket final. Meanwhile, Alter Ego reached the final after knocking Bigetron Alpha 2-0 in the lower bracket final.

RRQ Hoshi drove with Alberttt with Ling, Xinn with Roger, R7 with Chou, Lemon with Kagura and Vyn with Khaleed in the Best of 5.

As the king’s challenger, Alter Ego descended with Celiboy with Yi Sun Shin, Pai with Barats, Ahmad with Yu Zhong, Udil with Valir, and Leo Murphy with Khfura.

In the early minutes of the first game, alter ego was really powerful and dominated the game. In the 10th minute the kill points reached 8-3 with the benefit of alter ego.

MPL Indonesia Season 6 Final, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

Lemon and society were really cornered by Alter Ego from the start. When Udil and his friends managed to defeat the tower of RRQ Hoshi, the king was actually unable to destroy a single tower of the alter ego.

The attack with the Lord on the lower side was a breath of fresh air for Alter Ego, who managed to overthrow four heroes of RRQ Hoshi. Celiboy even harvested maniac in front of the main base of the MPL Indonesia Season 5 Champion Team.

After the fall of the RRQ Hoshi player, Alter Ego finished the first game and immediately secured the win with a convincing result of 15-6 in the 15th minute against RRQ Hoshi.

In the second game, RRQ Hoshi met again with Alberttt with Lancelot, Xinn with Claude, R7 with Barats, Lemon with Eudora and Vynn with Khaleed.

Game 1 Final MPL Indonesia Season 6, RRQ Hoshi versus Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

The second choice was Alter Ego with Celiboy with Ling, Pai with Angela, Ahmad with Esmeralda, Udil with Valir and Leo Murphy with Hylos.

From the early minutes the king was so aggressive that he first overthrew Udil and Pai blood. Only in the 6th minute was RRQ Hoshi superior in every way to beating Alter Ego.

Not to be underestimated, Lemons Eudora was terrifying, even though it was still on the starting level. Celiboy and Eudora even had to fall into the hands of the mighty lemon.

RRQ Hoshi reversed the situation from the first game and successfully knocked out the tower of the alter ego. He immediately got Celiboy and his friends to the floor. Celiboy must even be an easy target for Alberttt and his friends, who played well.

Game 2 Final MPL Indonesia Season 6, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

After Alter Ego had a mistake, Alberttt immediately took a triple kill in the 8th minute and destroyed the main base of Alter Ego in no time. RRQ Hoshi pocketed the second game points.

In the third game, RRQ Hoshi met again with Vyn with Khufra, Alberttt with Ling, R7 with Uranus, Lemon with Carmila and Xinn with Change.

On the other hand, Alter Ego relies on Ahmad with Ruby, Pai with Khaleed, Leo Murphy with Jawhead, Udil with Pharsa and Celiboy with Roger as the challenger.

To compensate for RRQ Hoshi’s aggressive early game play, two alter ego players were instantly overthrown by Alberttt, who took a double kill. Celiboy must force the situation and must fall into the hands of the alien baby Alberttt in vain.

Game 3 Final MPL Indonesia Season 6, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

The fall of Celiboy as the core of Alter Ego undoubtedly leaves this dark horse team suffering great losses. Despite playing aggressively, Alter Ego repeatedly makes mistakes until he miscalculated when he entered the team fight against RRQ Hoshi.

In the 7th minute, RRQ Hoshi was overall in the lead. Lemon and friends even got an alter score of 15-7 before alter ego. The initiation of R7 and Vyn, aided by Alberttts beautiful finish, made alter ego overwhelmed by the king.

After pocketing the First Lord, RRQ Hoshi threatened Alter Ego’s main base by wiping them out in the 11th minute. Lemon, Alberttt, Vyn, Xinn and R7 pocketed the points in the third game.

When Alter Ego opened the fourth game, he finally made first choice with Ahmad with Yu Zhong, Celiboy with Yi Sun Shin, Leo Murphy with Baxia, Udil with Vale and Pai with Esmeralda.

Game 4 Final MPL Indonesia Season 6, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

To secure the points in the fourth game, RRQ took Hoshi Vyn with Khufra, Alberttt with Lancelot, R7 with Thamuz, Lemon with Eudora and Xinn with Alice.

Early in the game, RRQ Hoshi immediately stole Celiboy’s buff. Knowing that Celiboy’s situation is in danger, Pai and Leo Murphy really care about the boy wonder.

Alter Ego secured the first blood and successfully overthrew Vyn after a second kill in the 2nd minute. Ahmad and Yu Zhong appear barbaric until they are hard to beat. This makes alter ego rich by the 4th minute.

Alter ego refused to give RRQ Hoshi points in game four and played aggressively by demolishing several of the king’s towers. In the 10th minute, Alter Ego took a 17-7 lead over RRQ Hoshi.

Game 5 Final MPL Indonesia Season 6, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

Depressed at the main base, RRQ Hoshi appears to have strong defenses that alter ego cannot invade. As master keys, Ahmad and Yu Zhong became easy targets for the RRQ Hoshi team.

Ahmad is too fat and difficult to beat. Even Yu Zhong successfully messed up RRQ Hoshi’s very strong midfield. Wiped out was immediately received by Alter Ego, Udil pocketed the points in game four and his friends made the position level.

RRQ Hoshi opened the fifth game as the game to determine the MPL Indonesia’s sixth season champion and made the first pick. To protect the sideline, R7 relies on Uranus, Vyn with Akai, Xinn with Yi Sun Shin, Lemon with Lunox, and Alberttt with Wanwan.

Alter Ego then went under with Ahmad with Pharsa, Celiboy with Roger, Leo Murphy with Baxia, Udil with Valir and Pai with Barats.

MPL Indonesia Season 6 Final, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

In the early game, alter ego secures first blood. RRQ Hoshi retaliated and overthrew Ahmad. When defending each other, each player’s kill points are usually the same and follow each other.

Although Alter Ego played aggressively, RRQ Hoshi managed to keep up and even wipe out in the 13th minute when Alter Ego was so focused on overthrowing Xinn.

RRQ Hoshi was very powerful and took advantage of the moment when alter ego made a mistake. He immediately threatened Alter Ego’s main base and overwhelmed every main tower of Udil and his friends.

Given the power of RRQ Hoshi, Alter Ego played well by defending his main base with all his might. Alter Ego had a fat hero with maximum damage in the late game and obviously had a tough time facing RRQ Hoshi in 29 minutes.

MPL Indonesia Season 6 Final, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

Alter ego became increasingly violent after taking a triple kill in the 36th minute. He turned things around and threatened RRQ Hoshi’s main base. One after another, RRQ Hoshi players had to fall before the last minute.

Alberttt took turns defending the main base and was the only RRQ Hoshi player who managed to fend off two alter ego players.

After all of the RRQ Hoshi players returned to the Land of Dawn, RRQ Hoshi immediately showed his courage and wiped him out after 30 minutes. The king immediately pocketed the victory.

RRQ Hoshi is writing new history and maintaining his position as MPL Indonesia Season 6 Champion. This win makes RRQ Hoshi the only team to have scored three wins during the entire MPL Indonesia event.

Apple doesn’t include chargers for environmental reasons, Analyst: Ineffective

Apple illustration. (Unsplash / Bundo Kim) – The latest iPhone 12 series just released by Apple is sold without a charger and headphones in an attempt to be greener. But many say it doesn’t seem like Apple’s real reason.

According to the California-based technology company, the degradation of natural materials can be suppressed without a charger and headphones.

However, there seem to be other reasons that are causing Apple to discontinue two important accessories that are typically found in the latest cell phones.

Another big reason is supposedly savings, given that the iPhone 12 series 5G components are quite expensive.

Apple has instead eliminated chargers and headphones from iPhone 12 sales.

Angelo Zino, an analyst with CFRA Research, says, “It is estimated that the radio frequency component in the iPhone 12 alone will cost about 30 percent more than the previous iPhone. As a result, Apple is pushing down prices on other aspects of the iPhone.”

iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone SE 2020. (YouTube / Apple)

The loss of the iPhone 12’s charger and headphones also adds to Apple’s bottom line. Perhaps this is the real reason to keep taking advantage of the latest iPhone.

Apple has also predicted that users will continue to purchase the latest iPhone 12 with a separate charger, which will further boost Apple’s profits.

In this case, Apple’s mission to be greener doesn’t work as users buy a charger and headphones separately, which are also safe.

Additional packaging or emissions of goods in the process of processing goods will also increase, so it’s no wonder that Apple’s environmental credentials are viewed as less effective.

Qualcomm Compare General Purpose Phones With High End Chipsets

Vivo X50 Pro. (Doc. Vivo) – Some HP vendors are wondering what users really need? Certainly the best hardware that supports the functions of high-end premium chipsets, e.g. B. Gigapixel resolution photography, 8K video recording, and desktop-level gaming capabilities. If you’re struggling to choose the best Android phone on the market today, don’t think too long because the best phones always come with premium Snapdragon 7 and 8 series processors.

It cannot be denied that the Snapdragon 8 series is the best mobile platform that has full functionality to support premium phones. However, it should be noted that the Snapdragon 7 series also belongs to the high-end segment that also supports premium phones today.

For those of you who want a compact device with the most advanced features, be it for everyday use or a professional mobile gamer who is novice in content creation, here are mobile devices that come with the premium features and High-end specifications of the Snapdragon 7 series are equipped. and 8 for your consideration.

Snapdragon 7 series



Speaking of premium phones, the POCO X3 NFC deserves to be featured on this list. This phone, which was just launched in Indonesia, is dubbed “The Real Mid-Range Killer” thanks to its advanced features that are similar to a premium phone with a mid-range retail price. POCO X3 NFC is the first mobile phone in Indonesia to run on Snapdragon 732G. It supports players with GPU Adreno 618, a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 240 Hz. The front camera comes with a 20MP sensor and a rear camera with 64MP, 13MP, 2MP and 2MP sensors for a powerful image acquisition.

Vivo X50 Pro

Vivo X50 Pro. (Doc. Vivo)

In Indonesia, Vivo launched the sophisticated X50 Pro with four rear cameras with 48MP, 13MP, 8MP, 8MP sensors and a 32MP selfie camera. This phone is the first to feature gimbal stabilization, which is said to be inspired by a full set of professional photography gear. This device guarantees a professional photo experience, powered by a high-end premium chipset Snapdragon 765G with an Adreno 620 GPU, which can capture detailed camera results and with the Vivo X50 Pro the video recording with a resolution of up to 4K at 60 Frames per second optimized.

In addition, this device offers support functions for daily activities such as Touch ID and face recognition with 4G connectivity and is ready for 5G, WI-Fi 5 and NFC multifunction.

OPPO Reno4 and Reno4 Pro

OPPO Reno4. (Doc. Oppo)

OPPO was present in Indonesia in early August and brought Reno4 with sophisticated and fast specifications. AI on this mobile phone is the main function that supports a number of other AI functions thanks to the high-end premium chipset Snapdragon 720G.

Reno4 is equipped with cell phone sensors consisting of 48MP, 8MP, 2MP, 2MP and a 32MP selfie camera. The cameras of this cellphone are equipped with an AI role that promises the latest photo features, such as: B. AI color portrait that can contrast an object or person with a certain effect, Night Flare portrait that can highlight objects in low light, and the bokeh effect behind. and AI slow motion video at 960 frames per second to capture every dynamic movement in detail.

Another best offer from OPPO is the Reno4 Pro, which offers higher technology than Reno4 such as: B. Refresh rates up to 90 Hz on a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen, 65-watt SuperVOOC 2.0 charging that enables faster charging and reduces your worries about missing an important moment due to a low battery.

Snapdragon 8 series

Poco F2 Pro

Poco F2 Pro. (Xiaomi Indonesia)

Known as the “flagship killer,” the Poco F2 Pro is the cheapest mobile phone with a high-end premium chipset, Snapdragon 865, in Indonesia. Priced at IDR 7 million, users can take advantage of high-end premium features like gigapixel speed photography to support dual cameras on the F2 Pro and desktop-equivalent gaming features with Snapdragon Elite Gaming for users who enjoy heavy gaming in their free time love. With four rear cameras, consisting of a 64-megapixel main camera, a 13-megapixel ultrawide sensor, a 5-megapixel tele macro sensor and a 2-megapixel depth sensor, as well as a 20-megapixel selfie pop-up camera that is suitable for the Recording requires the full support of the Spectra ™ 480 image signal processor on the chipset which is faster.

Xiaomi Mi 10

Xiaomi Mi 10. (Xiaomi)

Although it was launched in May 2020, the sophistication of the Xiaomi Mi 10 is still relevant when contrasted with the premium phones introduced later. The Xiaomi Mi 10 is powered by Snapdragon 865, which will be ready for the latest 5G network when launched in Indonesia. The phone is equipped with a 108MP, 13MP, 2MP, 2MP rear camera sensor and a 20MP selfie camera. The Xiaomi Mi 10 screen supports a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz and a sample rate of up to 180 Hz, as well as an HDR 10+ display for smooth use and a clear screen.

The powerful performance of the high-end premium Snapdragon 7 and 8 series chipsets will enhance all advanced aspects of today’s mobile devices, including those that require photography and videography, mobile gaming, or even users who want to focus on productivity. Have priority. Qualcomm is always committed to delivering the best mobile experience to consumers around the world, including Indonesia.

With the Snapdragon 7 and 8 series, Qualcomm offers state-of-the-art solutions for the demands of the market and an unforgettable premium experience with the most advanced mobile devices at prices starting from just IDR 3 million. Which device is your choice?

Gulali Duck left this strange shape overnight

Cotton candy illustration. (Pixabay / TaniaVdB) – This sugar candy snack is one of kids’ favorite foods. These snacks have a sweet taste and can be shaped into unique shapes and attract children’s attention.

Cotton candy isn’t always round and is usually shaped like rabbits, ducks, and children’s favorite cartoons.

Regarding cotton candy, citizens were recently made laughing after seeing a photo uploaded from an Instagram account.

Not without reason, because the account uploads a photo of cotton candy in the shape of a duck that was left in plastic overnight.

LOL! Overnight left this duck gulali turns into squid. (Instagram/

In the first picture, the duck’s cotton candy looks perfect like a real doll. But who would have thought that this duck cotton candy changed shape after being left all night.

“How about, sir, buy duck cotton sugar so the kids can stay the night instead of turning into squid,” wrote Facebook user Iqbal Alfurqon.

This photo of duck cotton candy turned into squid went viral after being re-uploaded from @ Instagram account a while ago.

“The ducks were overwhelmed overnight,” wrote the Instagram account @ quoted by on Saturday (17.10.2020).

Sure enough, the shape of the duck cotton candy looks like an octopus when you empty it. All of a sudden, the appearance of duck cotton candy turning into squid received mixed reactions from internet users.

“The ducks pouted all night,” said one internet user.

“Not given for dinner, they shrink like Patrick,” added another internet user.

“Oh, it looks like a Tumpeng shell, hahahaha,” said another internet user.

By the time this article was written, the photo of the appearance of duck cotton candy turned into a squid has gone viral and has received 24,000 more likes from internet users. ( Nariswari)

Most Popular: Apple’s Real Reason for Chargers and Girls Curhatan

Apple logo. (Pexels / Duophenom) – The latest iPhone 12 series just released by Apple is sold without a charger and headphones in an attempt to be greener. But many say it doesn’t seem like Apple’s real reason.

According to the California-based technology company, the degradation of natural materials can be suppressed without a charger and headphones.

However, there seem to be other reasons that are causing Apple to discontinue two important accessories that are typically found in the latest cell phones.

In addition, many women want a small and slim waist. A beautiful girl who talked about the “discomfort” of having a small waist made internet users feel insecure.

TikTok users with an account named @notzanissa share their stories with the headline “Can you breathe?”

It was a post he confided in when praised for his small waistline.

Come and see the most popular news in full.

1. Viral footage of Limbad on Soap Opera, Netizen Salfok on her voice

Limbad’s character in an old soap opera that inspires internet users. (Twitter / Hallucinasu)

Limbad is known as a mysterious figure who does not speak to the public. Many are curious about this man’s true voice. You may be wondering what it would be like if Limbad spoke?

But who would have thought, before this wizard became what he is now, he would have become a soap opera star. As an actor, this man also acts with his usual lines of dialogue.

How Limbad speaks is, of course, in the viral video of old soap operas on social media that is stealing internet users’ attention.

Continue reading…

2. Apple does not include chargers for environmental reasons. Analyst: Ineffective

Apple illustration. (unsplash / VASANTH)

The new iPhone 12 series that Apple just released is being sold without a charger and headphones because it’s supposed to be more environmentally friendly. But many say it doesn’t seem like Apple’s real reason.

According to the California-based technology company, the degradation of natural materials can be suppressed without a charger and headphones.

However, there seem to be other reasons that are causing Apple to discontinue two important accessories that are typically found in the latest cell phones.

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3. Praised for her small waist, this beautiful girl even confides in it

Curhatan beautiful girls about her small waist make netizens salfok. (TikTok / notzanissa)

Many women want a small and slim waistline. A beautiful girl who talked about the “discomfort” of having a small waist made internet users feel insecure.

TikTok users with an account named @notzanissa share their stories with the headline “Can you breathe?”

It was a post he confided in when praised for his small waistline.

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Note something! This is the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung logo. (Samsung Newsroom) – Rumors are circulating that Samsung is planning to prepare the launch date of the Galaxy S series with the Galaxy S21 for release.

A new S-series is announced almost every February over the past few years, while first sales begin in March.

It was reported on the GSM Arena page, Sunday (October 18, 2020) that reports from Korean media have speculated that the S21 series could start in early December this year.

According to a new report from SamMobile, the launch should take place in January 2021. First sales will be announced later this month or early February.

The reason for the possible new release schedule is still unknown, although it likely clears space between the Galaxy S21 and the next-gen Galaxy Z’s foldable launch.

Samsung Galaxy S20. [Shutterstock]

Samsung suppliers appear to be mass-producing components for the S21 series, which is a month earlier than last year’s S20 phones. It seems that Samsung fans will actually look forward to the postponed launch. ( Novianty)