5 most searched and used Excel formulas, number 3 must not be foreign

Microsoft Excel. (Microsoft)

Hitekno.com – Microsoft Excel, software used by almost all levels of society. Maybe you even memorized the Excel formula?

There is no doubt about the popularity of this spreadsheet software from school children to high school students to workers.

Well, here are the most commonly used Excel formulas that you need to know.

Microsoft Excel has a variety of important features that relate to important things in life, such as: B. Finance, Industry, Statistics and Research.

Even if you’re planning something, you need Excel to keep your schedule organized and easy to understand.

To make your work easier, Excel has formulas that make it easier and faster to add, multiply, and manage data and text.

It’s easier when you can use these formulas to memorize some formulas from across Microsoft Excel software.

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Here are the five most popular Excel formulas.


MATCH is useful for finding a specific value in a range, list, or table and then returning the result or showing the relative position of a value called a range, list, or table. The main purpose of using this formula is to find the sequence number of values. For example Nana, Fafa, Rara, then the relative position of Rara is number 3.

MATCH formula: Syntax: = MATCH (lookup_value, lookup_array, [match_type]


The index is useful for getting a value from an available range or table. For example, you want to know or use the value of the word “Sawi” in Excel from the “Vegetable list” column. You can do this by indexing the location of the value you want.

Index formula: Syntax: = INDEX (array, line number, [column_num])


To include a number in an Excel list, you can use SUM by adding data per cell in one or more ranges.

SUM formula: Syntax: = SUM (number1,[number2], …)


LOOKUP is used to find a range of values ​​in a column or row. This formula is actually rarely used as most people have switched to the VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP formula.

LOOKUP formula: Syntax: = LOOKUP (lookup_value, array)

5. IF

IF is used to return or display a value when a TRUE statement is present, or to display a value when the statement is FALSE. This IF formula can be used for many purposes, such as combining IF functions or nested IF, namely IF functions in IF. This formula can be used for up to 64 IF functions.

IF formula: Syntax: = IF (logical_Test,[value_if_true],[value_if_false])

These are some of the most popular and widely used Excel formulas that you need to know. Can you remember (Voice Contributor.com/ Lolita Valda Claudia).