Apple doesn’t include chargers for environmental reasons, Analyst: Ineffective

Apple illustration. (Unsplash / Bundo Kim) – The latest iPhone 12 series just released by Apple is sold without a charger and headphones in an attempt to be greener. But many say it doesn’t seem like Apple’s real reason.

According to the California-based technology company, the degradation of natural materials can be suppressed without a charger and headphones.

However, there seem to be other reasons that are causing Apple to discontinue two important accessories that are typically found in the latest cell phones.

Another big reason is supposedly savings, given that the iPhone 12 series 5G components are quite expensive.

Apple has instead eliminated chargers and headphones from iPhone 12 sales.

Angelo Zino, an analyst with CFRA Research, says, “It is estimated that the radio frequency component in the iPhone 12 alone will cost about 30 percent more than the previous iPhone. As a result, Apple is pushing down prices on other aspects of the iPhone.”

iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone SE 2020. (YouTube / Apple)

The loss of the iPhone 12’s charger and headphones also adds to Apple’s bottom line. Perhaps this is the real reason to keep taking advantage of the latest iPhone.

Apple has also predicted that users will continue to purchase the latest iPhone 12 with a separate charger, which will further boost Apple’s profits.

In this case, Apple’s mission to be greener doesn’t work as users buy a charger and headphones separately, which are also safe.

Additional packaging or emissions of goods in the process of processing goods will also increase, so it’s no wonder that Apple’s environmental credentials are viewed as less effective.