Because of language problems, this PDKT method actually ends up in chaos

The couple’s PDKT ended in chaos. (instagram / – Not just love stories that will grab internet users’ attention but also how to approach or PDKT. Attempts like this to establish communication via chat have failed.

The viral screenshots on social media can be seen how PDKT is constrained by language. Because of this problem, the rapprochement between the two ended in chaos and did not end well.

Uploads about couples who did not pass the PDKT due to language restrictions were uploaded to awreceh, id on Monday (21.9.2020) and viralized on social media.

“Isn’t that wrong?” write @ in the upload label.

The upload shows that two lovers are talking to each other. The man then asked his future partner to send a photo for himself. Wrong spelling, instead of writing ‘picture’, this man wrote ‘pig’ which means pig.

Chat illustration. (pixabay / brunamereu)

With the wrong understanding, this girl sends a pig emoticon to her crush. When this man tried to clarify his point of view, he got even more flawed and sent him another pig emoticon.

There was a misunderstanding between the two, at the end of the conversation this man only sent a smiley emoticon. Allegedly, this man was fed up with conveying his meaning to his potential partner.

Viral on social media, uploads via the couple’s PDKT process which actually ended up in chaos and then received various comments from internet users.

Many internet users have been made laughing by this love story. It’s not that a successful approach leads to chaos.

The couple’s PDKT ended in chaos. (instagram /

Below are some comments from internet users about PDKT’s efforts being limited by language.

“My humor is just a pig lol,” replied the internet user with the @ mollyatmaja account.

“That’s a typo, you mean picture,” commented the Instagram account owner @aiiaiss_.

“You mean picture Kali Samsul,” said the internet user who owns the Instagram account @ prajna1928.

Steal the attention and make the internet users laugh, upload couple style PDKT process who actually got messed up due to this language barrier and received more than 200,000 likes and thousands of replies from internet users after uploading.

This is a love story, a failed attempt at PDKT due to language barriers. I laughed so much that internet users went viral on social media.