Crying and crying when expensive skin care products break, Internet users: the floor glows

Rp. 2 million skin care broke. (Instagram / – TikTok viral video of a hot girl finding her expensive skin care product broken. Instead of being compassionate, internet users gave unexpected responses to this incident.

Of course he was sad to see this expensive Rp. 2 million skin care product broke while there was still content. And internet users have also livened up this viral post on social media with various answers.

The broken rupee 2 million skin care video went viral on social media after uploading the @ account on Tuesday, 9/15/2020.

“Rp. 200 thousand just swam away,” wrote the title of this video upload.

The short video shows a girl holding her SK-II facial essence, which was crushed after falling to the floor. This girl couldn’t contain her sadness and cried.

SK-II facial treatment essence. (SK-II)

For your information, it has many benefits for facial skin. This SK-II Facial Treatment Essence skin care product is selling at a fantastic price, reaching nearly IDR 2 million.

Unfortunately, it is unknown why this girl’s expensive skin care regimen could break down. After going viral on social media, internet users left various comments.

“Well, the ground is glowing,” replied the internet user with the @ watd3hell account.

“It doesn’t hurt, it’s SK-II broken,” commented the owner of the Instagram account @ shindaaa.dta.

“Hey, it feels like you’re instantly poor,” said the internet user who owns the @yunitaclds Instagram account.

“It’s Rp. 200 thousand minutes, oh Allah”, wrote an Internet user with the Instagram account @sabila__aulia and confirmed this @ caption.

By the time this article was written, the upload of the girl who cried because of the Rp. 2 million skin care crack had been watched more than 100,000 times and hundreds of comments were collected from internet users.

This is a viral video of how internet users react to the girl crying over her expensive skin care products. It was so busy that it went viral on social media.