Defeat Bigetron Alpha and change the ego. Make sure you reach the grand finale

Esporst MPL ID Season 6 Team, Alter Ego. (Instagram / – Season 6 of MPL Indonesia entered the finals on Sunday (10/18/2020) with Bigetron Alpha and Alter Ego brought back in the lower bracket final before facing RRQ Hoshi in the Grand Final.

For the last ticket for the grand finale of the sixth MPL Indonesia season, the meeting of Bigetron Alpha and Alter Ego as two Dark Horse teams is already the second in the play-off round of this event.

First choice came Bigetron Alpha with Kyy with Cecilion, Renbo with Zilong, Bravo with Esmeralda and Matt with Yu Zhong.

On the other hand, alter ego has been strengthened by Ahmad with Alice, Pai with Barats, Celiboy with Yi Sun Shin, Leo Murphy with Natalia, and Udil with Lunox.

Bigetron Alpha opened the first game and immediately pocketed the first blood when Leo Murphy and Natalia fell. Quick backups made Alter Ego’s game so neat and managed to turn things around.

Bigetron Alpha versus Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

Although both are strong at defending their respective lanes, Alter Ego is even more superior in the 5th minute after Bigetron successfully destroys Alpha’s towers one at a time.

In the 11th minute, the team fight in Sidelane managed to topple three players from each team. Wrong position, alter ego core, Celiboy has to fall which is a huge loss for Udil and his friends.

After running the competition, Alter Ego managed to pocket a lord who immediately threatened Bigetron Alpha’s main base. Bigetron Alpha’s strong devotion made Alter Ego withdraw.

Towards the end of the game, when Udil was lost, four alter ego players continued to force her to hit Bigetron Alpha main base, which was guarded by two players. Bigetron Alpha couldn’t withstand the power of the alter ego and had to forego points in the first game.

Bigetron Alpha versus Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

In the second game, Alter Ego relied on Pai with Change, Celiboy with Ling, Leo Murphy with Khufra, Udil with Valir, and Ahmad with Yu Zhong as the first choice.

Meanwhile, Bigetron Alpha has been bolstered by Matt with Chou, Kyy with Pharsa, Renbo with Lancelot, Bravo with Thamuz and Dreams with Khaleed.

As in the first game, Bigetron Alpha pocketed the first blood. Bigetron Alpha, an aggressive game, annoyed Alter Ego for the first few minutes.

With a good and decent rotation, Alter Ego managed to overthrow Bravo and Kyy. Each tower began to collapse in the 5th minute of this second game.

Bigetron Alpha versus Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

Celiboy’s good mechanics allow him to easily escape the Bigetron Alpha group trying to overthrow him.

Bigetron Alpha kept its respective lanes and got stuck until the center lane tower collapsed in the 9th minute. Alter ego is superior on all sides, which makes Bigetron Alpha even more depressed.

In the 14th minute, Alter Ego threatens Bigetron Alpha’s main base. After the tower collapsed with the help of Lord, Alter Ego became more aggressive and ended the game in the 14th minute.

The collapse of the Bigetron Alpha main tower made Alter Ego successful in securing a spot in the MPL Indonesia season six grand finale against King RRQ Hoshi.