Find the iPhone 11, this status is making internet users angry

Find the iPhone. (Twitter / @ helowmad) – Some people get unexpected luck. One of them is to find the HP iPhone 11 Pro Max in one of these convenience stores.

When the status was uploaded to Facebook, the @helowmad account uploaded again on Twitter went viral.

One internet user admitted that he had just found the iPhone 11 Pro Max in a supermarket.

This black iPhone phone that is photographed looking back is uploaded along with a caption that irritates internet users.

Find the iPhone. (Twitter / @ helowmad)

In the status he made, he said: “If you have lost an iPhone 11 Pro Max at the Indom ** rt Station, please stop calling my new cell phone!”

This label then annoyed Internet users because it forbade the owner of the cell phone to call the iPhone 11 Pro Max that he had just found.

The status of the inventor of the iPhone 11 Pro Max was uploaded, then it went viral and received various comments from internet users.

“I, who have lost my cell phone twice, would like to see it,” wrote an Internet user on Twitter.

“You are very sinful,” wrote a comment from internet users.

“Wow, there are no rules,” commented one internet user on Twitter.

“I’ve never found that in my whole life, it’s always clear,” wrote one of the comments from other Internet users.

“No morals,” commented another internet user on Twitter.

The upload of the status of the inventor of the iPhone 11 Pro Max went viral on Twitter and received more than 10,000 likes.