Gulali Duck left this strange shape overnight

Cotton candy illustration. (Pixabay / TaniaVdB) – This sugar candy snack is one of kids’ favorite foods. These snacks have a sweet taste and can be shaped into unique shapes and attract children’s attention.

Cotton candy isn’t always round and is usually shaped like rabbits, ducks, and children’s favorite cartoons.

Regarding cotton candy, citizens were recently made laughing after seeing a photo uploaded from an Instagram account.

Not without reason, because the account uploads a photo of cotton candy in the shape of a duck that was left in plastic overnight.

LOL! Overnight left this duck gulali turns into squid. (Instagram/

In the first picture, the duck’s cotton candy looks perfect like a real doll. But who would have thought that this duck cotton candy changed shape after being left all night.

“How about, sir, buy duck cotton sugar so the kids can stay the night instead of turning into squid,” wrote Facebook user Iqbal Alfurqon.

This photo of duck cotton candy turned into squid went viral after being re-uploaded from @ Instagram account a while ago.

“The ducks were overwhelmed overnight,” wrote the Instagram account @ quoted by on Saturday (17.10.2020).

Sure enough, the shape of the duck cotton candy looks like an octopus when you empty it. All of a sudden, the appearance of duck cotton candy turning into squid received mixed reactions from internet users.

“The ducks pouted all night,” said one internet user.

“Not given for dinner, they shrink like Patrick,” added another internet user.

“Oh, it looks like a Tumpeng shell, hahahaha,” said another internet user.

By the time this article was written, the photo of the appearance of duck cotton candy turned into a squid has gone viral and has received 24,000 more likes from internet users. ( Nariswari)