In order not to disturb you, you can deactivate ads on Xiaomi MIUI 12 here

MIUI 12. (Xiaomi Indonesia) – MIUI and native apps on Xiaomi phones are mostly associated with advertising. However, for some users, the appearance of these ads is very annoying.

Even so, users can disable ads in MIUI 12 under various conditions.

In Nextpit there are some tips on how to disable ads on Xiaomi MIUI 12.

To turn off ads in MIUI 12, do the following:

MIUI 12. (Xiaomi Indonesia)

1. How to remove ads by disabling the MSA application

Users can disable MSA (MIUI System Ads) app and this method can solve many annoying advertising problems in MIUI. Users should make sure their Xiaomi smartphone is running MIUI and connected to WiFi or cellular network before doing this. In the Authorization and Revocation menu, the user can search for the MSA section and slide the radio button to disable it, wait 10 seconds, then select Revoke. The user may receive a message that the authorization cannot be revoked. Keep trying until the system allows it. This manipulation will remove most of the ads. However, these are only “system” displays in the MIUI interface. Other ads may remain in some native Xiaomi apps and need to be disabled individually. Visual sensory design features in MIUI 12. To illustrate MIUI [Android Authority]

2. Turn off personalized ad suggestions

After revoking the MSA authorization, the user can turn off the ad correction sent by MIUI. To turn it off, go to Settings> Privacy> the Privacy menu, look for the Ad Services option, and then find recommendations for personalized ads. Turn off the Recommendations for Personalized Ads menu and users will no longer see ads based on user behavior data or personal information.

3. Disabling ads in Mi Browser and Mi Security applications

To disable MIUI ads in the Mi Browser, open the Mi Browser> click the Profile tab at the bottom right> select the Profile tab, access the settings by clicking the screw icon in the top right Click on the corner> deactivate the Add ads option in the advanced settings. Temporarily disable ads from Mi Security, open the Security app and under Settings click Settings>. Deselect Receive Recommendations.

4. How to turn off ads on Xiaomi Music and Mi Video

To disable it, open the Mi Music app and go to Settings in the top right corner. Then open the Advanced Settings option and uncheck the Receive referrals and Show ads options.

5. Deactivating ads in the file manager and downloading

To turn off advertisements in the File Manager and Folder Manager menus, including Downloads, on Xiaomi’s MIUI, users can follow the same procedure as for the Mi Browser and Mi Security apps: open Settings> click Go to System Application Settings> Find File Manager or Download Folder and Application> Uncheck Recommendations for Mi File Manager and view recommended content for Mi Download.

6. Disabling ads in MIUI themes

The easiest way to remove ads in the MIUI Theme app is to go straight to the app itself and disable it. Open the MIUI Themes app and go to Account. Find Settings> and turn off Recommendations. These are the steps to turn off ads in MIUI 12 on Xiaomi smartphones that users can follow if necessary.

That was looking for disabling ads on Xiaomi on MIUI 12, you will no longer be bothered. ( Siltya Utami)