Intent to create a cooking tutorial the look of which will even shake the mood

Eel cooking tutorial. (instagram / tiktok.shiper) – There are plenty of cooking tutorials on social media, but this one actually annoyed internet users. How can? Check out this viral cooking eel video on social media.

One internet user who wants to create a video tutorial at this point has actually experienced something annoying with the eel he is cooking. Instead of becoming delicious, the fate of this dish actually managed to ruin the mood.

This failed cooking tutorial video went viral on social media after being uploaded to tiktok.shiper last Monday (8/31/2020).

“Jogetin before cooking” was the headline of this @ tiktok.shiper upload.

In the video, this internet user prepares a living eel bowl for cooking. These internet users are preparing the spices to make the eels look delicious and are not sure.

Eel cooking tutorial. (instagram / tiktok.shiper)

The eels he mixed with the ground spices actually came out of the basin and spread to every corner of the kitchen.

After the internet user lost the mood after experiencing this unpleasant thing, he decided not to continue his cooking tutorial and just recorded the unfortunate incident he was experiencing.

“Tutorial failed,” he wrote in the caption.

Viral on social media, this eel cooking tutorial upload that breaks that sentiment instantly receives various comments from internet users.

“The eel knows it at TikTok-in, so it keeps dancing,” replied the Internet user with the Instagram account @febnisputriw.

“Anyway, I don’t think about it or want it cleaned all over the place,” commented the owner of the account @ sarah.yuliniar.

“Ask for help if you want to cook, make sure you turn the fish off first and don’t turn it like that,” the Instagram account @thariifebrianti said.

Since it went viral on social media, this sentiment-shaking eel cooking tutorial has been viewed 150,000+ times and has received hundreds of comments from internet users.

This is the eel cooking video tutorial that went viral on social media after breaking the mood and laughing at netizens.